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Digital Marketer specialising in Email Marketing since 2001. Part-time Lecturer for the Digital Marketing Institute. Founder of Send.ie and Hustle & Praise.

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I'm with Alan. Web based solutions are best.

Our approach has always been to provide bullet-proof templates on a bullet-proof system so that any one can edit them - without fear of breaking the display or breaking the brand.

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That's exactly what we do... for the last 10 years or so.

Campaign Monitor is really good. Top class easy to use platform, template builder etc. This is a web-based solution.

Look at Sendy.com for a solution you host yourself. No templates though.

Happy to take a call with follow up questions.

This is a really broad question… allow me approach just a part of it.

Email Marketing is one of the primary tools in marketing automation. This answer is based on our experience of over 400 email customers and 10 years in the space.

There's no question that lead nurturing via marketing automation generates results - leads. However, is your business set-up to respond to this new lead pool?

Most businesses are used to responding to leads from a comfort zone. i.e. inbound phone calls; contact forms via websites; word of mouth referrals etc. What these new platforms bring are direct leads via forms but also leads born out of online intelligence.

Before you can get value from those via online intelligence your sales team and processes need to create and apply a very different approach. This approach will be a new experience for both the sales person and the company.

In order to ensure you get the ROI from marketing automation you should plan the process and the how-to that convert those leads into prospects.

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