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What do i do?

I coach people on how to KILL interviews, go after what they really want in life and WIN, and find FREE labour for their start ups.

If you are looking to be coached by a HEADHUNTER who gets paid every time her candidate lands their job, CALL ME NOW. I know what it takes to nail interviews and make you OWN it.

Why call me? I am a headhunter, driven by commission sales to place professionals in their dream jobs! I work for one of the top 3 recruitment agencies in North America. My candidates always tell me I should offer my coaching skills to others, because it made all the difference in how they approached their interview. So guess what? That's what I do now.

If you want to learn more about the law of attraction and how to use it to attract your dream life ( relationships, experiences, career, money, home etc. ) I can help YOU help yourself.

Why call me? I work closely with clients who are ready to transform their lives, resulting in major wins, like waking out of depression, buying their first home, and improving relationships.

If you are an ENTREPRENEUR with a LEAN start up budget, looking for FREE, USEFUL, labour (completely legal and morally sound)- CALL ME, and I will show you where to find it.

Why call me? I have worked with start ups my whole career and worked this magic on the side! Resulting in projects FINALLY being launched and acceptances into incubation programs!

You know what I do. If your serious about getting what you want. Call me and I won't waste your time.

Recent Answers

You’ve got some great responses already. But I’ll keep it real simple for you.

When you close your eyes and think about what you want in life, what do you see?
( your clearly a passionate hustler, having vision should be easy).

Now accept that, that fate is already yours.

Does the path your on lead to your dream life, or does it feel like a detour? That’s how you know.

I feel you are on the right track, you seem to know what moves to make, and you have created a lot of interesting learning opportunities for yourself. Your clearly on to something. Sometimes it’s the patience period that makes us doubt and question our direction. When you start to feel like that, just ask yourself - am I on my way to what I want out of life?

I live for the Law Of Attraction, and I can tell it’s taken hold in your life. I am available to talk more about trusting your instincts. They will never fail you and you will be glad you trusted yourself.

Good luck!

There are quite a few things to consider here. I am both a recruiter, and I have taken time off work to start a business and then gone back to work.

I think I can definitely be of help. Now have you been on a break for 4 years? If your resume is indicative of that, I can tell you right now no recruiter will move forward with your application. It makes their job more difficult trying to sell their client someone who has not worked for long. It will not matter what you say they will look for someone easier to pitch.

Now you say you only have your volunteer exp on your resume. That is a signal to recruiters that you may not be employable. That is clearly not the truth, but because you are not being transparent as to ALL what you have really been up to, they will make their assumptions. I say put everything on your resume. Headhunters use key word searches and you may be reached out to about SME opportunities, even if their junior at least your back in right? Not only that, it’s clear you want to provide. Put faith in yourself and go all in! You can’t sit around and wait.

Now from a non recruiter POV, I can tell you that the easiest way to get back to work is to speak to past employers, or professors. They know your skill and work ethic, because they know you personally (huge advantage) . You can have a real conversation and they can potentially offer you a comeback. That’s what I did and it worked out perfectly. But this is bc I left on good terms.

I hope this helps. I am available if you want to talk more strategy. I have been there and I know it isn’t easy, and I didn’t have a young one. I can tell your passionate about a solution. Everything will work out when you believe in yourself.

Good luck!

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