Daniel Bennett⚡️I love transforming strategic ideas into profit

I help businesses & influencers make 5-6 figures per month on autopilot by selling ONLY perfect buyers more stuff more often.

My Forever Customer Formula™ teaches everything that took me painful years to learn the hard way (so you don't have to).

DISCLAIMER: I achieved my own definition of success only after 7 years, 3 businesses and over 25 products that FAILED HARD! Can you imagine my crushing shame & fear of utter failure after spending years creating a product that NO ONE BOUGHT (not even Mom)? My mentors & lots of therapy keep me out of that dark hole. Now it's your turn to learn what I've learned the hard way.

Lesson #1: Fail fast, don't fall in love with your own product - get $1 in 30 days or change something/move on.

I can show you how simplifying & working smarter, not harder is the key to transforming more lives, making more money & creating forever customers on autopilot.

Some clients know me as the RecurringRevenueRockstar.com. Some clients know me as theTechRockstar.com.

You'll know me as the guy who helps transform your life & business by stripping away the complexity & chaos, helping you uncover the ONE THING (your super power) that will change your world.

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Great answers so far! Since most of the major points have been covered, here's a strategy that could get you 3x more social shares from each student...

Tools like http://giveawayboost.com incentivize your student to get an extra bonus when they share your giveaway with 3 other people. WIN-WIN-WIN!

- Daniel Bennett


• you get what you want when you help enough other people get what they want
• so what does your prospect REALLY WANT? (hint - not features and benefits of your product)
• you've already lost if you use the word "I" - say "you" instead (no one cares about you, they care about themselves)
• this has been a HUGE game changer for me - position yourself upfront for getting a Heck Yes! or Not Now response before the end of THIS CALL - not a "I'll think about it" - Dan Lok does this great learn from him here https://www.youtube.com/user/vanentrepreneurgroup
• ask for the sale!!!!!!

Many more but gotta run...

- Daniel
// helping winners win more by doing less, better

Riddle me this... What brand is the #1 cola drink? OK, you're right, Coke it is. Who is the #3? No clue, right? Because no one cares about #3.

No one cares about you if you aren't #1 (or maybe #2) in your niche/market. You sure don't want to be the cheapest. So if you're in the middle, you're nobody.

You can never win if you are playing someone else's game!

So how do you win?


You MUST create your own game. Then you are automatically #1!

Here's your SEO biz model in a box:
• hyper focus on a very narrow niche - make sure it is full of PWM (Players With Money)
• instead of SEO/social media everything for everyone, specialize - you are the SEO Wizard who gets unbelievable walk-in results for ONLY multi-location dental practices doing over $1M in annual revenue
• further narrowing: you pick a target city and tell all your perfect buyer prospects that you are accepting applications to work with you
• you'll only work with the highest bidder starting at $2k per month and the rest of them will become competition that your client will decimate with your superior SEO skillz
• sign them to a 12 month contract because SEO takes time to work its magic then go month to month
• if your client wants to cancel, no problem - you'll go to their competition and they'll soon lose their new patient traffic and go out of business

Gotta run - busy helping a couple more winners win more by doing less, better...
- Daniel

Want to know the 1000% EASIEST WAY?

Don't reinvent the wheel. Don't make your life harder than it already is...

Find who already has the best reps and partner with them in some way that adds value for both of you.

• Similar buyers - you sell tech services? Partner with internet service brokers who already sell to your same target market

Google "referral partner" if you are IRL and "joint venture (JV)" if you are in the internet world for way more info.

Gotta run - busy helping a couple more winners win more by doing less, better...
- Daniel

Here's the ONLY THING that matters to any entrepreneur: "your network is your net worth."

The cheesy saying about "it's who you know not what you know" is still around BECAUSE IT IS TRUE!

1. who is your perfect buyer?
2. where do these people hang out?
3. what is their #1 struggle & #1 dream?
4. add value - make their lives easier & ask nothing in exchange

Kind of like answering questions for free on clarity.fm ;)

Once they know, like and trust you, they'll listen and refer you to their network. Now you're in! Kind of like an undercover James Bond...

So any job that gets you closer to perfect buyers or gives you sales training is my #1 suggestion. Or a high-paying job that frees up your time so you can build your network on the side.

Gotta run and help more winners do less, better!

- Daniel

Great question! Here's your #1 issue - FOCUS. Doing 2 things (job/coaching business) at the same time is pulling you in opposite ways.

Close your eyes, take 3 deep breaths. WHAT IS THE ONE THING WOULD YOU LOVE DOING ALL DAY EVERY DAY? If you're not passionate about who you serve a coaching biz will burn you out before it gets off the ground.

Check out James Altucher's book Choose Yourself https://amzn.to/2vIcAuD. This explains everything you need to hear right now.

You've already found out that if you are waiting for a "job" to choose you you may be waiting a very very very long time. So why not choose yourself, especially in the mean time?

Polish up your personal brand so that resume gaps are explained by working in your coaching biz which includes non-profit consulting as a way to give back, which is clearly important to you and should be to any future employer worth you.

Change your mind, change your future starting today.

There's only one of you in the whole world - any employer will be lucky if YOU CHOOSE them to work "with" (not for).

Position yourself as "the chooser" and make employers/clients apply to work with you. Can't hurt if you are getting only a few nibbles on your resume anyway right? All it takes is attracting one big fish with the right bait.

Every smart person has multiple streams of income these days (aka side hustle) - position this as a benefit to a future employer because of your drive and lessons learned that you can bring to their biz.

That's it for now - got to get back to helping clients do less, better! Talk soon.
- Daniel

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