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I have realized from many failures of mine and others i have worked with is that a product is not about building an app or website or plugin. It's about engineering a shift in mindset of people inside and outside your org.

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There are four models concierge work. Customer asks, Reception Informs, Inside the Hotel Premise and Outside the hotel premise.

Hotel have telephones and apps to enable customer inbound and reception outbound. You must look at the usage analytics of these tools to figure out the overall volumes as a percentage of guests and their time within the premise.

If there is engagement, then it makes sense to build a tool to help improve that to become significant

In fact, the way i see it is that you are exploring a white labelled super app for distribution. you will be competing with a lot of big players like uber

if you can tell the job title of the of the user of this product and name of a company that will ideally be a best fit to buy this product, i can help you with tips to market this tool

success of any coaching business is the personal time you can allocate. In your case, for the individual runner.

I assume that you have a few runners under your kitty. Servicing them is taking a lot of your time. In your effort to earn more per hour of your time you were looking for ideas and came up with with this certification thing.

It's a very logical evolution. Have you thought about a radical evolution?

Radical one will be to double down on your current engagements to the brim of your capacity.

Your time is going for productive and unproductive work. You should consciously identify unproductive tasks for you and bring in someone to help you.

In terms of productive time, you should build frameworks to ensure that a lot of work is transferred to your customer.

Please focus on this optimization for now. Invest your money here. Don't waste capital on other unnecessary steps. Let's have a call to explore more.

You are too late. You should have validated the buyability of your idea before you went further building it.

Having built and stabilized it, you should have already launched. Everyday, as you hesitate, you are loosing

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In any endeavor its about the momentum. If your competitor is on to it and is seeing momentum. You are staring at extinction.

Get it Launched. Now.

Customer's digital footprint should give you some directions.

a) Find out how much customer account's on an average spend in a day

b) Find out how many average time users from that customer account spend time.

c) Figure out those that are spending above average time on your website.

d) figure out the pages they are spending the time most.

e) reach out to them and ask for feedback as to what can improve their experience and reduce their hiring time.

f) Once you have validated that the features you have built are things active customers value, then its provides immense confidence to price.

Instead of monthly subscription, help them with a lower threshold subscription for them to try.

7 day free trial may not really work.

It depends.

Do you have a documented view of your prospective customer journey?. If not, this is a thing you should

You must have heard this before. Any product or service could be a vitamin (good to have), pain killer(temporary relief) or a pain reliever (long term relief). What kind of product you have decides the kind of Marketing Strategy.

You go to a super market for vitamins, a drug store for pain killer and a hospital for pain relief. Juxtapose this with your channels for marketing.

We can have a call if you wish to discuss more. I am quite affordable. Call Me.

There are great insights from other entrepreneurs. I think about these as top priorities.

a) Self Exploration : Belief, Purpose and Emotions that drive you. Spend time to know
b) Self Expression : Ability to network, articulate and interest people to create an audience
c) Being Helpful : Take every effort to help others even in your worst situation
d) Jobs and Outcomes: Making effort to understand the jobs the prospective customer aims to complete from a very empathetic point of view.

Message me if you wish to understand in detail why I believe these should be priorities.

I used to work for Accenture. They are a consulting driven business. Their Strategy was and is around thought Leadership.

Speaking slots are a favorite methodology. Educating C-Suite is their go to market.

They take a Land and Expand approach. Focus on Quick Wins. Never Touch an account without a coach / favorable influencer.

All of the content is hyper personalized to the clients context and is tailored to amplify customer strengths.

pinterest, instagram, tinder, linkedin could be obvious choices.

Channels are connected to business models. validated market - product fit and product - model fit is the foundation.

I understand that you don't have a strong foundation and hence this question.

Refer to brain balfour articles on these topics at coelevate and reforge. If you require to work on this together, message me.

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