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Co-Founder of Venture Concept Group an strategy and investment solution firm. Personally I'm a Serial Enterprenuer, Investor and dedicated lifelong student of disruptive and sustainable innovative business models. Served over 119 industries so far, assisting over 40 companies achieve Inc 5000/500 fastest growing company awardees list.

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From my 16 years of experience of working with 100’s of successful entrepreneurs. They're is no real research on the internet to help you discover what business endeavor you would be successful at! If someone is trying to sale you that service its a scam! Becoming successful at a business takes passion, purpose and drive to impact someone or something in the world more valuable than the projected money you expect to achieve.

In order for you to discover the right business model with the highest probability of success. You must first search yourself! I suggest you take an DISC profile test to learn more about your personality. This will help you with shifting your mindset towards success. So you can understand your strengths and weaknesses. Second I suggest you do a MAPP Career Assessment to help you match your skills with a potential profession. Understanding your professional skill set will help you identify what level you want to achieve from your talents. Third you should take a Myers-Briggs Behavior Test to understand how you respond to different environments in different situations. Your attitude and response is the best piece of any business your starts success. You may need to change some behavior-sets in order to be successful in certain business models. Are you willing to do that?

These assessments with an Accountability Coach from a service such as "SMART In Concepts" can help you discover several opportunities, you will be excellent at with a greater chance of success. The best question to ask yourself is…”What do you want to do, which will bring you joy from seeing the user being happy?"

-Shawn Ryan Randleman
Master Business Architect

As an current investors and former Chief Strategist of Metroclick one of the largest interactive touchscreen & kiosks suppliers in the states. It's very easy to lease the equipment, the more important questions is the reason behind the use of the equipment. Also the location of the kiosks test market is extremely important for a successful market test. The team at Metroclick offers customize equipment and kiosks software developer for your specific niched market. I can assist you in this endeavor, please setup for an quick 15 minute call so I can discover the scope of this project and connect you with the right development team for this project.

As an Accountability Coaching for over 15 years I realize this is the most ask question of most startups. It truly depends, on if its mindset or resources related problem with the efficient of your business.

The basic keys to managing a business more accurately is a commitment to time management and delegation. You must utilize today's latest business productivity tools such as CRM and project management system to hold you accountable for your day-to-day actions. You must create monthly, weekly and more importantly daily goals in all areas of your business.

If you need any assistance with discovering resources or creating a define strategy plan towards your growth connected with me. Hopefully the information I provided, can help!

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