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I took a look at your site, here are a few suggestions:
-the pop up that loads as soon as the site does is overwhelming and it is not likely that a customer will want to join your mailing list before they even get a chance to check out the content on the home page.
-The form in the pop up is asking for too much information. At this stage, I'd only ask for an email address and *maybe* a first name.
-You have a lot of beautiful, sparkly things, but I think there is too much on your homepage. You don't have to give the visitor everything all at once. Focus your home page by connecting what MoiMoi is, why it's different from other retailers and most importantly, why you connect with them.
-From there, I'd focus on trying to get them to engage so that you can find out what they are looking for. Someone else in this thread mentioned keeping it simple - I agree - you don't need to sell everything at once.

Overall, the most important thing to remember is to try and test your results.

Yes! In fact, when working with my startup clients, I regard the blog as the backbone of an inbound marketing strategy and a must-have for businesses looking to accelerate growth. Here's what having a blog can do for you:
- Attract the right kind of prospective clients through targeted posts that answer their questions/address their issues.
- Create an educated buyer (buyers today prefer to do their own research, spending as much as 90% of the marketing funnel doing so before wishing to speak to a sales rep). The good news here is that the more educated a prospect, the less time the sales rep needs to spend educating he/she on their challenges when they do connect...making the sales cycle quicker and more efficient).
- SEO: creating helpful, substantial and keyword-optimized blog posts helps to drive organic search traffic.
- Get more leads. The first step to increasing lead gen through your website is to attract visitors that can later convert as leads. Your blog is your lever to attract these visitors. The more you blog, the more success you will get and more quickly. That's good news - it means you have control over your success.
- Your blog is also an opportunity to establish your company/founders/execs as thought leaders in your industry.

One thing to keep in mind, however, if you are going to start a blog. Your ability to be effective with blogging hinges on consistency and quality. Also, remember that it takes 3-6 months to *start* seeing results. Many people start blogging and then quit around the three month mark. It is certanily true that blogging in the early stages can be extremely lonely, but quitting too soon is the most common reason that companies don't achieve blogging success.

Blogging isn't the newest or sexiest marketing tool out there, but it is certainly one of the most effective.

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