Bill RichardsonRestaurant POS, Restaurant Operations

Executive, Business Leader, and Consultant with expertise in restaurant point of sales systems, restaurant operations, digital growth marketing, & web applications that focus on business processes aligning with marketing strategies, technology, and financial performance. Owner and operator of several web-based businesses, including cofounding X2POS LLC, a restaurant point of sales system that integrates an online ordering mobile app, web app, and a full POS that handles all front of the house, back of the house, and administrative tasks.

I offer a wealth of knowledge, and a unique skill set, acquired over twenty years as a business leader. I have been recognized for leadership & team development, as an innovator, problem solver, and driving dynamic gains in revenue & profits.

As a consultant, I created custom applications to mitigate operational workflow in labor controls, cost of goods, sales forecasting, and facility management. I have since utilized teams of video marketers, SEO specialists, content writers, program developers, web designers, and digital marketers to provide local and mid cap businesses creative solutions for revenue growth.

In 2017 I combined my strengths and key team members from DigiSize Media, with an IT expert of over 20 years, along with his custom web development and SEO team at Net Studios Inc. This partnership was created to ultimately create a product that would solve the short comings of Restaurant POS Systems & online ordering through Mobile Apps & Web Apps. Our partnership manifested into what is now X2POS, The #1 Online Ordering Platform For Restaurants. Our focus is online ordering that is marketing driven, without diminishing restaurant margins with fees, surcharges, and high yearly costs like so many other restaurant software that are currently available on the market. Furthermore, this Restaurant Software can be upgraded into a full Restaurant Point Of Sales System, thanks to our partners YUMA POS.

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My question would be who you are targeting your surveys towards. Are you giving the same content in surveys for the tourists and locals. In which case, if the commerce is heavily driven by tourism, you are likely to get much different answers. Local communities in tourism areas tend to want places they call home, exclusive to the community. The target segment for your survey should help curate the content of your survey. You may be better served with a different version for each, or if the survey is digital, make the end points vary for questions asked that would supply the survey takers demographics.

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