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Alan Gleeson is the CEO and Co-Founder of Contento a B2B SaaS Content Management System.

B2B SaaS Marketing - Lead Generation / Acquisition, Conversion and Retention
(London, United Kingdom)

Other areas of expertise incl market entry, market strategy, business planning and B2B sales


Twitter: @alangleeson

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I assume that you are based in the US ? My experience pertains primarily to Europe where I am based. I work for a leading SaaS company based here. Again I am assuming you are B2B as that will impact on the advice. Similarly the price points of your offering will also impact on the strategy - Freemium v Field Sales. Finally, I am assuming you are funded (at least Series B).

Our offering is a leading expense management solution and not surprisingly we utilise a mix of different approaches incl:

1/ NB of a Local Presence in Europe (rather than trying to access remotely). Dublin and London are popular choices.

2/ Aggressive investment in PPC (Google)

3/ Attendance at local events and exhibitions relevant to your market

4/ Influencer engagement in Europe

5/ PR (As Mark Suster always maintains there are numerous silent benefits)

6/ Localised Content

7/ Social Media Activity (paid and organic)

The above represents a short list of some activities (it is far from exhaustive).

Hope this helps


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