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I have been doing app marketing since 2011 when not many people even knew what an app was. All the apps I have worked with have reached Top 5 either overall or in their categories and sometimes I can tell right away if an app is going to ever work or not. Since we don't know much about your app and in which categories it is competing, I can't tell if 10K downloads is impressive or not.
What I suggest is that you find a way to monetize your downloads, so you need to convert all those downloads into paying users. Again, since we do not much about your app it is hard to even suggest if in-app-purchase is good for you or you need another monetization method.
if you wish to talk more about this please give me a call. I'll be happy to help

The best day to launch your app is either Wednesday night or Thursday, because the iOS App Store changes features every Thursday and you may get featured that day as "New games..." "New app..." etc. Ideally all your marketing/PR/advertising efforts should start that day (Thursday) because Apple likes it when an app is being privately promoted at the same time it's being featured.
Yes AdMob could work for you but please know that there are many other ad placement companies similar to AdMob that can work for you too. You need to see what kind of clients they have, if they match with your niche, etc. Usually this is a trial and error process, you start with several ads and you see which works and which doesn't, you improve, you cut them. etc. Good luck

I'd be curious to find out how this goes. In my experience, many people are beautiful on paper, they have all the right "data" and fit all the metrics criteria, however they fail awfully in implementation, they don't fit the company's culture, they don't show empathy towards their coworker and most importantly they have no idea why they are failing. I think the best recruitment is done by an outstanding recruiter, somebody that really knows the company's culture and can see how the candidate's strengths and weaknesses could play in favor of the company. If your data-driven strategy is based on that, then you're on the right path. If not then...

This is the kind of question I usually get by most of my clients and love the opportunity to help with a few ideas. Since you are planning to offer the spaces mainly for art events, meetings and popup shops, you are mainly targeting locals rather than tourists in the first place. So I would focus on those clients first. Start using local social media and invite people to a cocktail on one of your spaces. You can either have a mini showing, art-gallery style. Go to the office buildings in the city and invite the employees. Show up at artists' coops and handle invitations to your cocktail. Go to the places your users already are. Once in the cocktail collect the information of those attending and ask them specifically what use they would give that space (meetings, events, etc.) Once you have filtered their responses you can email them with specific tips and suggestions on how to discover the best spaces the city has to offer for their specific needs. You can even sponsor a local, up-and-coming artist and offer invitees to let them know when the artist would do a popup shop in one of your spaces.
We can definitely brainstorm more about this if interested
Good Luck
Elba Nino

I have been in the app and gamification business for the past 6 years which is an eternity in digital years. You mention that mini games and activities do not emphasize the outcome you are hoping to achieve, and I wonder if using a fun chatbot to talk to your patients wouldn't be more interesting in this case. Children ages 8-15 love to do two things with their phones: play and chat. If you say that playing is not working then chat with them and make it playful. Speak their language, have them ask you any question they want to ask, in their own terms and language and have a chatbot ready to answer them all. You can even create a voice chatbot for the smaller kids (4-8) that still don't write very well. Talking Tom was a great success among kids because they felt somebody was actually listening to them. Let me know and we can brainstorm more about this if you're interested

I'm a branding professional and I have done this for the past +10 years. For a project like this you should definitely charge a fixed price and bill according to the client's perceived value of the income, that I imagine will be pretty high since we are talking about the branding of his business.
Usually these types of projects take longer than anticipated because with branding and naming there is a lot of back-and-forth, since this is something that clients like to be very involved with. Therefore, I suggest to calculate what you expect will take you to complete the project and add a contingency that could be a minimum of 20% more. I don't want to give you an exact number in US$ because I understand costs in other countries are very different so in % you should visualize it better

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