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HubSpot Inbound Certified B2B Marketer with 20 years' experience enabling B2B companies to resonate with their audiences through persona-driven content marketing, non-abrasive nurture campaigns and Sales Enablement to achieve Sales/Marketing Alignment.

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Show me, don't tell me.

Focus on showing how you excel at solving your customers' problems or pain points. Do this by:
-Blogging on relevant topics
-Commenting on forums where your target customers are engaging in discussions
-Publishing videos wherein you discuss a particular issue your audience struggles with
-Doing public speaking where your target market may attend (e.g., MeetUps)

Let the establishment of your expertise be passive. Your audience will decide whether you are an expert regardless of letters after your name.

Life coaching isn't on par with being a psychologist so credentials don't matter in the same way.

Look for startup incubators and the companies in their portfolios. Reach out to the founders of those startups (the ones that look most viable), and contact them to do informational interviews about how they did it. They may be flattered that you are soliciting their advice and become willing to introduce you to their network of other entrepreneurs and influencers to strengthen your own network. Just be willing to offer some value up front to help them out with what they are working on, too, not just doing it for your own sake.

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