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Practised law in Allen & Gledhill, one of Singapore’s top law firms. Ventured into the world of digital marketing start-ups and moved from managing digital campaigns and project teams to managing the organization. Worked in 4A advertising agencies managing regional and global clients' digital campaigns and teams. Worked in an ad-tech startup and built remote teams across several regions, cities, cultures and languages.

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I have worked with Trello and Basecamp in both a start-up environment as well as for a team within an MNC.

There are several things I suggest you clarify before jumping into using a tool.

1. What is your team's goal
2. Who is accountable for what in achieving what goals
3. How is the team to work together to achieve the common goals while working independently too
4. How does the team work together if failure to achieve a goal impacts the bigger goals
5. How does the team want to held accountable.

From here, you will find a tool and set it up in a way that best works for you. There will be some retro-fitting of course.

Drop me a line if you like to talk more.

I worked in digital marketing agencies and this is a usual ask of clients.

There are a few questions that you need to ask prior to this.
1. Who is your target segment (s) and where do they play / live
2. What outcome do you want from engaging with persons from this list
3. If it is B2B, are there professional bodies you can partner with
4. How qualified does this list need to be / How do you intend to qualify the list

Let's talk more for me understand where you are coming for so that we can talk strategy that makes sense for you.

I practised as a lawyer and in my experience doing digital marketing, have worked with many UX teams to develop mobile as well as online apps.

The short answer to your question is that there is always value looking at it from the lens of the end user. An experienced UX person would be knowledgeable of how to go about doing this. Translating this to the user experience is the other part of the puzzle.

Happy to talk more with you to uncover what your pain points are and what options you may explore.

This is a situation that is hard to see over when you are knee deep in it. I have been in a similar situation. There are 3 separate questions you seem to have.

Situation 1: Updating your CV
1. Take a step back and look at what you have been up to.
2. Re-look at what you have been up to from the lens of what you want to do next (your next position) including running your own own business.
3. Translate that to work experience / skills. Experience and adding value to someone / an organization even when done at no cost is valuable experience.
4. Craft your CV from that point of view.

Situation 2: Starting your own business.
1. Apart from the usual you will need to do to get the business up and running like your list of services and fees, request key person you helped to write you a testimonial. If Linkedin is big where you are, get it uploaded on Linkedin.
2. Ask each and everyone for a referral
3. Jump in 1000%

There is a possible 3rd area you may wish to explore. Starting your own business while looking for full-time employment.

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