Nicky PinkMaster Brand Coach, WordPress Designer/Developer

I am a Brand Specialist, WordPress Designer / Developer, and certified in life coaching and event planning. I started my career as a Print Graphic Designer over 15 years ago and moved to website design in 2009.

Raised a Yooper in Michigan’s Upper Peninsula, I lived in New York for 20 years before landing in the Atlanta area.

Currently, I am launching a Branding Masterclass and writing a book between speaking engagements.

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You most likely won't get it to look exactly like your current html site. Best to be clear about that up front. But you can get it close, and because it's an html site, the design could probably use a refresh. I re-create html sites all the time for clients and aside from their sites now being responsive =), they are often pleased with the re-design. Plus it offers a great reason for a marketing push: the re-launching of your site.

Best of luck!

Hi. Are you asking about the aesthetic (look, feel) of the theme or the functionality of it?

There are a couple of themes I use that would work well aesthetically - X theme or Divi would both work well.

The functionality, however, would most likely involve custom coded post types. You would need to find a developer to accomplish that.

Good luck!

Are you asking which email marketing provider to use? or how to build a campaign? or where to find your target market?

For email marketing providers, there are many options, but for a free service, I'd recommend MailChimp. They are pretty easy to use, but you have to create/send each email campaign manually.

For automated campaigns (drip or sequence campaigns), I use LeadOutcome. They have a very robust service for the price. You can check them out with my affiliate link

If you are interested in a drip campaign for your services, you can write the emails yourself or hire them out. I know that LeadOutcome has that service, as I'm sure others do or you could hire a copyrighter that specializes in email campaigns.

The hardest part is creating the list. I advise my clients to come up with a really good reason (free sample of the service, free educational guide, subscriber only content) for people to give you their email address and create an opt in. You can then send that offer individually to people you find in your target market. Get into Facebook groups, do searches in LinkedIn, join chamber of commerces or other local business organizations where those potential clients are hanging out. Send them an email introducing yourself and give them your opt in offer along with a link to the sign up form.

Best of luck!

If you do a search for event themes or event map, you get a good number of results.

Here are a few I found:
Directory -
Eventum -
Event Guide -

There are also plugins that provide this functionality, but if you go that route, be sure to check with the theme provider for compatibility.

Good luck!

There are advantages to both approaches. Using a theme such as Avada or X (my recommendation) will make the process faster and guarantee consistency, however the downsides are bloated code and potentially slow page load times. If you don't have a large or media-heavy site, this may not be an issue.

Choose a theme that has a solid reputation for customer support and theme updates. Look at all the demos and be sure that you can mix and match the different elements that you like. And keep in mind that they all come with their own page builders and shortcodes, so you will need to choose a theme you want to stick with until you are ready to completely re-design.

The pros of developing a custom theme are having more streamlined code and total control over the updates. The downsides would be an increased time/cost factor, a need to have someone monitor software changes and make necessary updates, and further development for future functional needs. Additional attention will need to be placed on required plugin compatibility. If you use ecommerce solutions, payment processors or email marketing opt ins, you'll need to be sure the custom code plays nice with them.

Both approaches should allow you to create a totally customized design and user experience.

Additional note regarding using a pre-coded theme: Be sure to check the compatibility with your required plugins as well. Most of them take the major ones into consideration, but if you aren't sure, reach out to the developers and ask ahead of time.

Good luck! Feel free to contact me if I can help further.
~ Nicky

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