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I help Frustrated and Confused Entrepreneurs get Real about Marketing, Money and Making the Impact you want to Make from a place of Clarity and Authenticity.

Until you are clear about who you are, you will continue to operate a business that is financially unsustainable. Until you know how to reach your target market with your message, you will continue talking to the proverbial wall.

The reason that you feel paralyzed, ineffectual and even stupid in your business is because you are operating from a place of not knowing who you truly are and not knowing how to best share your message. You may have stress insomnia, headaches, lower back pain and other anxiety symptoms.

When you are done working with me, this will no longer be the issue.

You will not only know WHO you are, and be able to take each step in your business authentically and with clarity. You will also have an exquisitely organized and dynamic blueprint of your financially sustainable and lucrative business that outlines your authentic structure and exactly HOW you should be doing what you do. When we work together, everything you do is in alignment with who you truly are and what you must be doing to let go of confusion around money and make the impact you were meant to make on other.

THIS is your authentic self in business, making impact on others, living your life on purpose.
That’s what we do here.

Deborah Tutnauer, Architect of Magical Soul Structure. Question Master. Entreprenuer Success Coach. Transforming you.

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I'm going to answer you from a different perspective. The very best marketing for a professional type business must be based in a deep understanding of your target audience and the solutions you provide for their pain. That is the essence of marketing - getting your solutions in front of your perfect potential client's pain, at the moment they are searching. It has nothing to do with throwing money at PPC or social media marketing or SEO, though these might all become facets of your marketing plan.

Before you spend money on any of that, I suggest you be able to answer some key, pointed questions about what you do and who you do it for, in under 30 seconds. You must know your avatar intimately and write your blogs, posts, ads with them in mind. You must understand what language in your market motivates people to pick up the phone and call you, or click on a link for a consultation. Right now you are putting the cart before the horse, in my opinion.

I help entrepreneurs get really clear about money and marketing - and authenticity in presentation. Reach out if I can help you .

Deborah Tutnauer, MEd, MSW

I am a Camtasia lover for years. Even on a Mac. My internet marketing friends all prefer it except for the few who like ScreenFlow.

It's rarely spoken but always true - that which comes easiest to you is your power place, and the place from which you can best assist others. Taking the time to get deep clarity on your power place and the core values which would form the foundation of your consultant work is the first step. It's also the step most skip as they dive right into the framework, the target market, the ROI and pricing questions.

In my experience mentoring coaches and consultants, that cart before the horse process is common and sets you up for future struggles. All your questions can and will be answered if you first go through the business development process starting with your foundational exploration.

(And yes, keep your job while you explore, create your foundation and framework and then ramp up to a full-time income. You don't have to shadow another in your field, though it could be enlightening).

You've gotten a lot of great answers. I'd like to add one more. With over 20 years of experience moving people out of "stuck", there is one consistent aspect across the board....

After you've explored all the hard facts, external concerns, methodology, are still left with yourself. Just this week I began working with an entrepreneurial client I have known for 8 years. He has been "stuck" in one form or another for 8 years. He has never been my client before, but a friend. I've watched him grow immensely in his skills as a marketer to the point that he can run circles around most - in skills and understanding.

What he hasn't done up until now is commit to looking deeply at himself. You see, in the end 90% or more of success is an inside game. It's the stories you tell yourself, the perceptions you believe, the mission you have clarified and committed to. You don't see Brian Tracy or Tony Robbins preaching about revenue charts, or management teams or marketing methods. They teach the "inner game" of success because it is the only real game there is to play.

If your "stuck" is a moment in a day, or a specific task or skill that is requiring your attention, go forth with all the wonderful suggestions in this thread. But if you've been feeling that angst, that frustration, that "running around in circles" kind of feeling for awhile - it's time to look at you. My clients have called said that working with me is like seeing themselves in a mirror, only their reflection is really really clear. The call me the Question Master for nothing!

Best of luck to you!

I like David's answer..."Shoulds" are part of the reason many of us became Entrepreneurs.
The definition of success is completely based on your goal and objectives.
Before deciding how to measure success, you must define what it is for you and your company. Is it purely a monetary number? Is it related to company culture or charitable impact?

I have clients for whom "success" is not about money at all. Thus their measurement system is completely different than one connected to numbers.
My question back to you is: What is your primary goal for your company? How will you know when you've reached that goal?

Google webmaster tools - Fetch as Google is much more powerful than many realize.
As for "pinging".. I agree with Pingomatic.

You may also want to explore Synnd..though it requires time, it is very valuable for SEO .

What you are looking for is your marketing avatar. There is a process to develop your avatar that I go through with my clients. Before you can figure out how and where to find those people online, you must know who they are. The answer to the second part of your question can be answered after the first part is determined. Building the persona comes from someone skilled in eliciting that information from you and if available, from your marketing analytics. Once the avatar is created, then the fun begins!

There are an infinite number of books and articles on time management. Which method you choose is a matter of your personality, energy and industry.

Regardless, the concept of Zero Level is crucial to any entrepreneur. Every single day there are certain things that are non-optional in your business. This is your Zero Level. Once you nail your Zero Level, other action items for the week more naturally fall into place.

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