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If what you mean is that there isn't the option to verify a phone number located in Nigeria is because Clickbank not accept people from Nigeria.

BUT there's a trick.

It's explained here:

Anyway: did you consider the option to SELL your OWN PRODUCT and if you don't have these ones, buy some PLR and re-organized them?

This will give you 100% of the cost, and, if you're newbie, be realistic: you won't find so many affiliates promoting you on clickbank

Through mantaining Focus and Transcendental Meditation (

How do you stay focused?

Use Bob Proctor's advice: write in a piece of paper your goal, put it in your a plastic cover like it's a card, and read it several times per day.

You have to make this statement go deep in your subsconscious mind, like it's an obsession.

So it would be more urgent and important than your emotional ups and down.

Transcendental Meditation has more than 1000 scientific studies and it's a technique with no concentration, or religion involved. You practice twice a day for 20 minutes with eyes closed in a chair, comfortably.

And it empower your brain and your frontal lobes, which are the core of your concentration

You have to create a sorto of demo or a video of how it works, and give a free trial.

Then use facebook ads, or adwords, or native ads to do lead generation in order to acquire your potential customers.

Use the leads generated by exporting them in facebook ads to create a lookalike audience to reinforce the lead generation strategies.

Give to this lead in exchange of their mail a trial of your product, and then with DAILY EMAILS pith che product by showing how this is suitable to their needs, ASK THEM QUESTIONS through a survey and create different funnels depend on the answers they give.

Firstly, you have to check if selling through dropshipping or whatever is a good choice.

This all belongs to: MARKETING STRATEGY.

It's not about which company is the best or which platform, if you have this problem it's because you lack of a real plan.

You need to take care of Marketing. Marketing is the lifeblood of your business, outsourcing it without even know what's good or wrong, it's like givin the key of your house to the first encounter of the street.

An entrepeneur is basically someone who's expert about marketing and knows numbers.

What is your product? What is your angle of attack which makes it unique?

How much is your budget?

You have to deep define your market and don't fall in the shiny object syndrome: to try everything that seems new or suitable to your business and mistake a tool as a strategy, or looking for the holy grail

Selling a database of emails is complicated and almost never a good idea.

Why don't you monetize it through selling solo ads on Udimi or other marketplace?

You can easily have an income, maybe more than what you are currently earning from the database, and get less stress.

Use Facebook insight.

There is a feature in facebook that you can use to identify your potential customer and i'm revealing you a simple trick.

Choose a 'public figure' of your niche: as an example if you are a personal trainer you can choose a very known name, then go to facebook insight, in the business manager, and put the name of him.

If it's very well known, probably he has a fan page or something, so Facebook will display you the identikit of the people interested.

They go VERY IN DEEP: you can see how much they earn, what is the average family, where they live etc

Write down these datas.

You can use it further also for paid ads.

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