Edward GothamMarketing for consumer brands

Start growing faster with data driven but creative marketing for consumer brands.

Skills in strategy - automated marketing, growth hacking, inbound marketing, paid search, retargeting, lifecycle marketing, UI/UX, CRO and data analysis.

Skills in creating creative campaigns - Photography, video, copy, email etc.

Currently manage online strategy at CMC markets with multi million dollar budgets. Previously head of marketing at Ometria which raised over $3 million dollars in seed capital and in wired's top 100 startups 2014.

Rapidly built the Ometria blog from zero to over 30,000 visits and 500 leads per month.

Creator of the Ultimate Monthly Review on edgotham.com

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I'm Ed. I'm Head of demand generation for a Uk startup. I've built our blog and academy area from 0 to over 20,000 hits per month generating over 500 leads/month.

This sounds like a brilliant idea. Especially in a market where it's not so crowded. I'd say the key points are to:

1.) Make sure you fully understand the companies you are working with so that you can create really high quality content

2.) Do some work for free initially to get some really great case studies. You will need the social proof to convert clients.

3.) Make sure you track the ROI on your content marketing as closely as possible. In the end this is what is important. Don't focus on traffic, focus on quality leads.

4.) Make sure your content marketing has a very clear next step. This may be a CTA at the end of blog posts or a drip campaign with other relevant marketing after someone has signed up for an ebook and given your email.

5.) Don't just focus on the content. Design is extremely important.

6.) Always spend time on marketing your content. Many people forget to do this after sending a huge amount of time creating the content in the first place. You have to work at it to get great content seen.

There's a great company in the UK called distilled that are hired to do a lot of really creative content marketing for companies around the world. I'd check them out.

Let me know if you're interested in chatting further and we can potentially set up a call. Good luck!



Nice to meet you. I manage all marketing and sales for Ometria a SaaS Ecommerce Intelligence platform. What technology are you trying to sell? Would you be able to tell me more about your current business model, product and goals?



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