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I would suggest market research to ensure you have the most accurate data.
When we launch an update to our existing products or even a new line at Vital Consulting, I always make it a point to sell the experience and influence the customer of what they want.

Help them discover for themselves what their needs are and turn them into wants.

In the design space you get to be creative with your titles.
Ideally you would want to offer clarity as to what it is you are responsible for.

"creative Director" for the one who is more on the development team.

For the fella working with clients I would try to give him as much power as possible, Keep in mind that a title doesn't designate authority internally, but it does a great job of doing o for prospects. "VP of something." works well in my experience.

If you need additional inside please feel free to reach out to me!

There are a number of ways to get feedback and testimonials from customers and clients.

I have worked heavily in the Public Speaking industry for the past few years, i mention this because unlike some of the other industries I've worked with , here release so heavily on PR.

A few common ways are to use a rating section on your website to help for a wide cast net, or direct contact for more laser targeted approach. Typically if you pre frame the customer experience to end in a survey to acquire feedback you shouldn't have any issues.

If you do call me! I would love to help!

In my last two start ups I have invested heavier into my team than i have in the past and it has paid off big.

Hiring an expert in their position has proven to be one of my most successful and stress free action in business. I will add this to my best practices.

If you want to learn more about what I've learned and some resources on where to look, schedule a call now while my rates are discounted for the next 24 hours.

An increasingly popular ideology among startups is to create strong partnerships with outsourced assets.

I have recently done a lot of work in the speaking industry and they outsource everything basically running a virtual office.

In short, my answer is yes, know what you do well and find others to fill the gaps. If you want resources or additional information schedule a call with me now. My rate is lowered for the next 24 hours.

Having built over a dozen successful business's, and personally staying involved in the sales department, I would recommend that you wonder basing the size of your sales staff on the volume of clients and prospect.

Some business can get by with a small sales team, while other require the sales team to be the largest department.

Don't feel like the sales department is an overpowering force either, they may get a lot of attention but they are some what independent. If you need more detail, or have any other questions please call.

In my experience with RME 360 out of Tampa FL, I have found that if you take the time to identify your sales process fully and learn your customer path then you can hold their hand all the way through to the end.

It might look like this:
connection-pitch-prospect entertains your services- mock piece- close- deliver- resale.

This is called pacing, or proposing next steps in Janek terms. If you tell the prospect the exact experience they will receive, and follow it, your conversions will be much higher.

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