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One way of building a dream team is to offer a certain percentage on equity. Depending on your business details, such as amount of sales, profits, potential growth etc you can offer a certain percentage. You could approach team members based upon their expertise and to seek their professional advice. Make this clear that you're seeking their expertise, since most professionals want to offer their professional expertise. Dan Pena who is a business coach suggests to offer 2% of your equity. Given in too much away too quick may not be wise.

You can make a list of professionals that you can potentially reach out to and then move forwards depending upon the responses you get.


This is a great question. Would your focus be for a specific country or region? I'm assuming this question is for online business only?


Are you looking for suitable investment opportunities? Or you are looking to set it up from a reporting/accounting and managing stand point?

The following page provides quiet a useful comparison between hubspot and infusionsoft:

It provides comparison between pricing, services and customer reviews.

I hope this provides you with some useful insight for your business decision.


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