Bhawesh KumarTerminal Head ICD Bawal

I have a business learning of 8 years in start-up Operations, Turnarounds, service Marketing and Business Strategies & project management. Apart from my core area of expertise which is Operations of Rail, Fleet, Yard and Logistics my areas of professional expertise also include leading Marketing of services, Customer Relationship Management and business strategic growth decision. Currently heading ICD Bawal

Specialties: ICD operations, Rail operations, Road operation, Logistics operations and Marketing, negotiation and contract finalization, Logistics Costing analysis and selection of vendors. Detailed profile:

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We in supply chain always facing such problems. Customer will praise solution but, will not buy it. One customer is very near to our ICD, they even successfully had a trial movement from our facility but, later on refused to take our services. In such case your networking became important. Here are some tips:
1. By using your network just try to find out which solution actually they are utilizing.
2. Note down the requirement they will having by discussion with his team.
3. Try to know the main reason of refusal(20% reasons gives 80% result). They may have long term contract agreement with prevailing solution provider at better attainment cost.
4. Have a mind image simulation i.e put your self on the seat of team and figure out your software.
5. On meeting do not directly discuss over your software and it's benefit. Try to know his views and then give them counter offer.
Here is solution of every problem if we look at problem in the eye of customers.
Have a complete preparation with confident meeting!

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