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Well hello there! Welcome to my Clarity profile. Grab yourself a cup of coffee, water (or wine) and have a seat so we can talk you+me+the solutions you need for your brand or business (whether you're a startup entrepreneur, a professional looking to fine tune your personal brand, or an established business owner looking for a fresh perspective).

For the past five years, I have had my own company, Jaclyn Mullen Media. I've poured my blood, sweat, tears and many Tweets into building a bootstrapped business specializing in social media marketing, content creation, community building. These past two years, I have expanded my services to coaching entrepreneurs on personal development+mindset. Mindset ESPECIALLY becomes important when trying to overcome a resistance to selling online/being seen as an expert online.

While there are a ton of "social media strategists, content creators and business advisors" online, not all of them have a performing arts background and truly TRULY understand the notion of WIFYA (a play off WIFM): what's in it for your audience?

To me the Internet is a stage, one we can leverage to ensure that you meet your goals and grow while also creating an emotional connection to your customers.

If you want to acquire customers or connections of any kind (media, strategic alliances, etc), you need to build trust, you need to be consistent and you sure as hell need to story tell. (Hallmark has done an amazing job of this with their campaign "Put Your Heart To Paper.")

For me, your success is not just about catchy campaign titles, blasting your online followers with redundant messaging or spending MORE time online. In fact, I am all about creating online experiences for your customers, helping you create word of mouth and ultimately, generating sales in return.

I have created and executed strategies for brands such as Ecco Domani Wine, Habitat for Humanity Greater Los Angeles, a popular pizzeria in LA called Mulberry Street Pizzeria, even smaller businesses such as an e-commerce gym bag line called Live Well 360.

I have worked with and advised Doctors, bloggers, health coaches, other social media marketers, lawyers, non-profit organizations, fitness business owners, female owned businesses, restauranteurs, hotels: you name it.

My niche is in my method: truly understanding the psyschology of connection, authentic entertainment and strategic execution.

To wrap this up and provide you with some final, parting fun facts: I am a Tory Burch Goldman Sachs 10,000 Small Businesses scholar and alumni. The curriculum for this program was developed by one of the best schools for Entrepreneurship in the world: Babson College. So while I don't have an MBA, I think and operate like an entrepreneur with an MBA.

I am a regular contributor to Entrepreneur.com, HuffingtonPost.com and StilettosOnTheGlassCeiling.com, I speak & moderate industry related panels frequently and I also teach monthly workshops at The Microsoft Store and General Assembly in Los Angeles. My aim is to make sure any advice I provide you with is informative, implementable and last but not least, inspiring.

All this bio stuff aside, in my spare time I enjoy yoga class, wine tasting, daily coffee walks, cooking in my crock pot and exploring my beautiful City of Angels.

On that note, let's connect and get you some Clarity.

Recent Answers

Strategic alliances. When I first started my business, I connected with a business/personal development coach as well as PR firms. The business coach had clients who needed my social media marketing services at the time. And the PR firms had tons of clients coming to them for press and inquiring about social media. It was a value add for them to refer me to their clients. Depending upon the kind of consulting business you have, could you connect with accountants, lawyers and other professionals servicing them? That would be my reccommendaiton.

Hi! Happy to answer this question. Initially, I'd ask "what are you tracking at present?" And "what are your goals?"

Software wise, I love to use a few tools for Twitter. Hootsuite to schedule relevant content (and not all tweets should be scheduled--happy to touch on this more), Tweetreach to get a feel for impressions/influencers who HAVE been engaging (in my mind, impressions are KEY, more so than Follower count because hashtags can help you reach more people) and Sprout Social for a more in depth view of your Twitter analytics.

Getting more visibility/followers: what hashtags are you using? How often do you acknowledge those who follow you (new followers vs existing followers)?
Are you just sharing autoscheduled content and links OR are you creating conversations?
Hashtags wise: find those that have a community already centered around them! *You don't want to "hashtag hijack" however, tags like #smallbiz #blogchat #_________ specific to your industry or ideal client's industry can go a long way.

Other tools that people use to track community and engagement include Sum All, and Commun It https://commun.it/

Once you start tracking impressions (and monitoring growth vs plateaus) you can then go back and look at your content to see which posts generated the most response/engagement. Again, just want to emphasize that creating conversations and asking questions are great methods to do all of the things you are looking to accomplish.

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