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How may I help you with digital marketing and building an organic following by producing videos and making music online?

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Thank you for sharing this question! The sales usually happen when the ads first run because Facebook knows who the most likely buyers are and once the ads have shown once, you are likely reaching the same people over and over.

The ad campaigns I have found that make the best sales are in the format of a post on a page with a lot of social proof. If your ads do not have social proof, then only the early adopters will buy. If your ads have thousands of likes, shares, and comments from a post on your page, then you can count on mainstream sales.

If you want to chat more about Facebook ads, you are welcome to schedule a call!

LinkedIn! Just keep reaching out over and over again. You will find someone eventually if you share a compelling reason why you should get a hold of them!

Udemy works really good for information products because of social proof and organic sales. I have 18 courses on Udemy now and put all of my info products there. I am able to make a full time income now from having my products on Udemy without needing to do more than maintain them and answer student questions. A quick call with me would be enough to figure out how you could get started.

You might be able to share this and teach courses on Udemy! This is what I do and it works really well! A year ago I was at the brink of losing my startup and now I have transitioned to teaching 18 courses on Udemy full time. You are welcome to chat with me for a few minutes to see where your biggest opportunities might be on Udemy.

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