Rob WhyteHelping companies & startups save money & time.

Director & Founder Saorsa Capital - freedom through finance. I've advised & consulted to over 1000 companies & private clients since 2001, around money management, leveraging wealth & asset protection.

Serving CFO / founder of Hippie Food Company, rapid-growing Australian health food company.

I help companies, business executives & entrepreneurs transition into new modalities of business, including crypto economics.

I travel 2-3 months per year with my family & teach others to do the same, showing them how to set up their businesses and cash-flow on auto-pilot, and how to make twice the money in half the time.

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This has been answered in various iterations, however quite simply, "Woo with You" - investors invest in people who can execute. If you can show your product solves a problem, and you can show in a clear, simple & precise way how you can make money, and why you're the person, 90% of the work is done.

Often companies get ahead of themselves with complicated runways & market strategies. Investors are often learning about you and your product for the first time, so put yourself in their shoes and what would you need to see, before you were willing to part with your hard earned cash. Remember, you can lose them quickly, so keep it simple & clear.

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