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If it has something to do with digital marketing I am all over it. SEO, SMM, PPC, A/B Optimization, Analytics, Digital overview or just plain old fashioned business analysis and systems management I am there. I love something new and thrive on crafting unique and effective digital marketing strategies. I dabble across multiple social media platforms and social media channels ranging from the common to some pretty rare animals. A major influencer across popular business social channels I thrive when connecting to other major players in the industry. I get a kick out of Radian6 and Omniture for media monitoring and getting a global snapshot of how the world is engaging with your brands. As a digital marketing professional I love to share my opinions here on LinkedIn and am an aficionado of like minded bloggers in the industry.

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For the sake of getting your question answered here it would help to simplify but that aside without firm stats on engagement and sharing it would be difficult to say however with the paid expansion of game like Flappy Bird, Angry Birds I would say viral apps come close to if not over a k-factor of 1.

I know I am really re-inventing the wheel here but it seems like these days with personality tests, team assessments, and online social polls that people have forgotten conversation. Take the time to talk to your team. Not in an official meeting with pomp and circumstance but actually talk with them. Know them, their hopes and dreams, share you own. Want to know how to motivate your team? Know your team!

A key sign would be if you were doubting yourself before you start. To be unsure if it will succeed is one thing, to be unsure if you should even start, disaster.

Hit a cause. Something current and of value and that strikes a chord with you personally. Create a piece of content that reflects not only your skill but your passion for the cause. This will obviously not come across that you are a pro bono machine as it was a personal cause you were committed to while at the same time creating a piece of work that accurately portrays what you can deliver for a client.

Recommendations. I love offering my insight and mentoring folks and often all I ask is that wherever they end up my name goes with them. Referrals and recommendations are a huge value just knowing there are people other then myself out there spreading my name.

Easily without a doubt the best 2 product management tools I have used are

www.perfectcloud.io which allows you complete oversight of application use and data flow paired with a next gen cloud encryption system.

The other is www.mycrowd.com which allows you to oversee teams and objectives seamlessly from a single interface and to source freelancers from all the major providers for tasks your team is unable to meet.

Want to make the most of the interview? Research the company. Find a problem they are having and come to the interview with a solution. Businesses and especially leaders are not looking for another person for the pile they are looking for innovators and solutions. Present them with both and your first interview will be a great one.

Honestly I wouldn't recommend you avoid social media. There is such a diverse world of social media out there I would look around until you find a social tool that fits your style. Once you find it find your niche or demographic within the tool and work to reach out diligently.

I don't vouch for bio or resume to be honest. Experience and results do go hand in hand but not distinct of one another. That's why networks like LinkedIn are so valued as they serve to portray not only who you say you are but allow people to endorse and recommend the results you have provided. If you are not using your LinkedIn profile as your form of introduction, consider it....now.

I would recommend you continue to build on the growth. If you need another name on the project I would be happy to review what you have and put a name on the project if it would help.

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