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I will try to create an alternative training product (course, software) and slowly try to transition the business model to online training. I have a consulting company and "face time" is essential for us. Consultancies are hard to scale because of that. Thanks! Laura

This is a very open question. It totally depends on the entrepreneur. How many customers you want to have? Do you want to provide a solution locally or globally? How many employees do you plan on having? Do you want to just use this business to support yourself? What are your goals?

Thanks and all the best!


Hi there!

1-. Keep on asking for feedback for your product and adjust it 100% to what your first users want

2-. Go for the wow factor. Make their product amazing (think about an iphone design)

and last

3-. Make sure these early adopters use your product everyday (or as many times per week as they can). This will make them talk about your product with others.


- give discounts to the early adopters and to the new users when an early adopter refer to someone the product

All the best!


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