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If this is still relevant for you, here are the key aspects to focus on:
1: identify the personal values you'd like them to share with you. E.g. integrity, innovation, making an impact.
2: establish what motivates them personally. No matter how dedicated someone is, we are all driven by personal motivation. Use that drive to keep them engaged. E.g: if their personal motivation is to grow into a manager level role, get them involved with decision making, delegate people management tasks to them etc.
3: transparent communication! If your team understands WHY they need to do something, their performance will reflect that in a positive way. There's nothing worse than keeping people in the dark

Given your niche (which is incredibly impactful!) the best solution for you would be to work with a mentor/coach to position your brand in an AUTHENTIC way. The emotional journey of your target audience is quite an intense one so your marketing approach needs to take that into account. For inbound, it would be useful to build an educational angle, turning your website into the go-to resource library for your visitors. Think of the most pressing questions they would have and start creating content that answers these questions + upsells your products as the solution.

For outbound, I'd recommend reaching out to associations, foundations, NGOs etc that organize events for your niche. Also, partnering up with suppliers / clinics that serve your niche would be a fast track to get your products in front of the right audience.

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