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Partner at Glowint, LLC. M&A targets of $10 mill to $2 billion. Growth strategy lead to Fortune 500 leaders and organizations seeking to become the next best version of themselves in domestic and global strategy and growth, entrepreneurial mindset development, and process optimization. Blessed for business travel to 100+ countries. Strategy consulting and CEO coaching include: Stanley Black & Decker, Glade, Rain-X, Goodyear, Toyota, Yokohama, MOKE, UAC School of Global Management, BIYOVI VR, Acotar Design, and numerous startups.

My practice always starts with a Body & Soul healing search as a premise to finding consciously boundless happiness.

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For some innovation, I can suggest Microsoft AltspaceVR. You do not need a VR headset, yet it provides for an immersive environment.

If you are looking for traditional channels (Teams, Zoom, and the likes), my best advice is to remain creative and engaging. This means, you can get all of your audience to dance prior to, and every 15 to 20 minutes during your presentation, as corporate as the environment might be, it is sure to keep people energized and attentive to your message. Otherwise, loads of creative ways to seek engagement online.

Hope my outside the box, provides for some useful creativity space.

About Henry: A 20-year career in supporting leaders of Fortune 500’s and VC backed Start-ups through transformational change in consumer goods, retail, luxury, tech design, and automotive environments. Certified in Just in Time, Continuous Improvement, and Lean Management.

The short answer is that everything is possible. It all lies on real value to the company's current and desired ecosystem (brand, employees, customers, investors, and all stakeholders). It should bring loads of value if you are going to take your chances on not getting a second pitch again, if not liked.

My strategy in such case, is to reach for the stars, and go to the decision maker with the idea, often, a CEO.

You'll generally want to be extremely friendly, humble, and direct primarily on ecosystem value, price points, and margin.

You should be willing to accept the impression that you are looking to take advantage of might not happen again.

Once the decision maker is engaged on the idea, like a puppy to hear more, you offer the deal in order to share more of the patent and/or process.

Obviously, it would be best that you get a patent pending application going prior to discussing and some legal advice on NDA and what should and should not be discussed.

If the energy flows, you are being nice, good, humble, and having fun, no reason you can't achieve it. Happy to go on the journey with you and chat every now and then, thereof?

Students are always seeking discounts and conscious value for what they buy. Generating blogs targeted by Cities of Universities with 40,000 + students, and bringing value to their most asked questions, seems like the best idea.

Hi William, it would be an honor for to help you in your journey. I have been involved in global consumer goods growth of Fortune 200 brands, getting placements at the likes of Carrefour, TASCO, Halfords, and B2C through Amazon and similar portals.

It's a joy to mentor young and driven mindsets. Happy to chat and see if the right chemistry is there. henry@glowint.co

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