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Great question. We use Skype services. It allows you to purchase a local number (in Florida for example.) Then using the Skype app on your iPhone you can call out. (saving your iPhone cell plan.)

People accepting your calls will see the business number rather than your iPhones own number.

Hope this helps

Great question.

I agree with a couple of the other experts comments, the idea is the least of your worries. Most people are too busy to want to copy someone else's ideas. I would advise speaking to someone else who runs a non-competitng business for advise. (I'm happy to help.)

You may have heard friends say "I thought of that idea 10 years ago" about a business which they seen on the news which is the next big thing. However it's not the idea which makes you the money, it's the execution and dedication to making it the best product or service possible. No one else can copy your passion or originality.

My advice... Go for it!

Hey Diana

I've run a business myself for 10 years (which I started aged 20) so I know exactly how you feel.

It can be very hard to stay motivated, especially if you go through some hard times, or if you can't seem to get the right staff.

What I'm about to advice may sound strange, but actually taking time out of your business to do fun things and hang about with other people in your industry (or even other like minded business people) often spurs me on. You get to hear new ideas, as well as business tactics which you may have never thought about to really boost your business.

It sounds like you're working too hard. Sometimes you can be more productive by actually taking a step back and looking at removing the things which take up most of your time.


Sounds like you've been working really hard on this project. Well it seems you've built the right foundations to make good revenue from this online blog.

What made you choose Adwords as your way of generating income?

There are many different ways in generating incoming and I would personally advise dealing direct with brands which are most suited to your audience. Don't simply sell them advertising space, generate an entire campaign based around their brand, including articles and competitions, (something they can get involved in and also help promote too.)

I would be more than happy to offer more advice (or to be involved.) I'm based in England so could help grow your business around the world.

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