John WilkerPresident at Denwhere?

I organize software developer conferences focused on community and mind blowing content. I've been running that business boot strapped since 2007. Our goal is to offer better content than larger events, without costing as much.

I'm board chair and CEO of Denwhere? a non profit organization focused on encouraging and supporting events in Denver that hit on any of these three ideals; Community, Eduction, and Entrepreneurship.

I helped launch a coworking/hackerspace called Uncubed, that has hit profitability in just 9 months.

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Two choices. Stick with metal and go to whatever is the next most precious :) or if this is a one co. only spot, I've done:

Partner and Title. Both sound more exclusive (IMO) to just another metal, LOL.

I know the Firedog routers, have an extender device that's explicitly for extending. Apple Airport Expresses have an "extend" mode as well.

Having learned the hard way, avoid names that tie you to products. Two reasons; 1. the product owner may enforce a copyright if they have it. 2. that product could die, change, etc and you're event is now associated with something you may not want it to be.

My rule of thumb now when naming my events, words/terms that leave it completely open to whatever you need it to be.

our naming convention is 360|Blah. one word. Ideally a word that applies to the theme, but isn't part of it, if that makes sense.

In my experience it's tricky. I've been burned a few times by the "we totally love it, we're behind you" thing, until you actually need money :)

I'd say a document like that needs to address the following.
Audience (Community the event will serve)
Competition (which other events are out there, maybe a count, maybe their primary location, or size, etc)
If you can figure it out, demographic if likely attendee (I don't know this until after my events or at least after tickets start selling, but you might be able to do a survey)
I think lastly, what's in it for the sponsor? Either your full sponsorship options list, or a description, likely size of attendee pool, email blasts, etc.

Off the top of my head that's what I'd put into something like that, if i was making one

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