Anwesh ChakrabortyTech strategist Business advisor Data Scientist

I have more than 15 years experience in Corporate finance, private equity vertical along with high tech initiatives.

My primary skill set Technology, Cloud computing, Big data, AI, ML, Tech enabled services, E commerce, Logistics, Education, OTT, Business strategy, Risk assessment, Market analysis, Business plan etc.

I am a serial entrepreneur, investor and business facilitator who loves to work with new ideas. Having worked with major financial institutes such as Bank of America, Merrill Lynch and other major European financial institutions, I hold precise insight of the operations of major institutes in the World.

I also have experience of working with Major Life Sciences payer Merck. In my early days, having worked with influential people in organizations like Accecture has helped me shape my career. My entrepreneurial spirit has helped me to create a global network of associates along with my client references. My business identity is based on value based service which creates a win win scenario for everyone I work with.

I am currently a partner & CEO of AtSpeed Corp holding an estimated AUM of over 500 mil USD across multiple verticles. I am also the Director and CEO of Excellous Future, a Phygital EdTech platform enabling deep technology implementation in Education vertical. I am also leading the data science and technology division in Excellous Future.

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Being a part time artist, I can say the pricing structure depends on the category of artwork and the artist's background. Not to forget if you are dealing with similar structure as subscription boxes it is imperative to know what is your central product concept.
Installation and procurement costs need to be addressed separately. The business model can address different commercial aspect to develop long term relationships.

As far as artists are concerned, there are specific measurement of the art piece and standard pricing for first sale. Now with NFT there are avenues of resell percentage that lands to the artists. The current trends need to be addressed. Ownership can be addressed with the type of contract that is being modeled.

There are multiple categories of automation applications that needs to be segregated. It is important to know which niche you are targeting to start off, are you dependent on third party for execution or hold your own IP/ Technology to process requests? There are multiple interface options available but it solely depends on your target consumer segment, in case you have a product spec to address basic functionality and consumer details a staggered approach can be developed.

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