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Jyotsana is a full-time innovator and a part-time motivator. She loves to help fellow entrepreneurs and executives make the best of their ideas and build successful businesses. Recently awarded the Stevie award for Female Executive of the Year and Innovator of the Year, Jyotsana follows the mantra of "Customer is King" and "People are Power". She believes in building a strong team with her excellent recruitment skills and can also teach yoy how to leverage their skills to the benefit of your customers and build products and services that people would LOVE you for.
Jyotsana aims to provide end to end customer relationship management and all the assistance that your business requires to promote strategical growth.She is here to assist you at all stages of business development, right from the formulation of just the right business plans, to creating a good online profile for your business in the competitive internet market (which includes web development support and web marketing strategies) and then support continued growth through our state of the art customer support services ( which include call support, email/chat support, advertising, marketing and sales support). From initial engagement through customer support and after-sales relationship, she will help you convert your customers into your biggest ambassadors and sales people.

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Hello!! That's a very good question you asked. Having been a entrepreneur for more than 7 years now, I understand how entrepreneurs are often serial thinkers and the rate of idea generation is definitely greater than that of execution.

Focussing your thoughts and actions on more than one business idea at a time could be labelled a tough task, but surely not an impossible or unadvisable one.

At the start of my career, I was trying to launch a fashion retail business and an IT consulting firm, two business niches completely apart from one another. I was able to shape both of these into successful businesses while working on them simultaneously.

The key is to learn how to shift your focus and yet retain it for the right things at the right time. It's pretty much like setting out meeting times for the coming week in your calendar. When you're in one meeting, there's no talking about your other appointments. so while you're working on one of your ideas at some point in your day, THAT idea should have your complete attention like there's nothing else in the world. Day after day, you will see your ideas progressing simultaneously.

Please feel free to request a call for detailed understanding of how you could put this into practice

Speaking with my 7 years of extensive experience in pure IT sales, I would say that the primary way to get more business would be to sell yourself properly. Being an IT company, if you are unable to market yourself well, your customers are bound to have doubts upon your ability to market them in return.
Secondly, DONOT just focus on adding value to the business. That's so old school in today's age and being. Instead, keep your focus towards practical demonstrations of how your customers could benefit short and long term if they opt for your service. Show them how you're different from your competitors and you will be sure to win more business.
Thridly, get your existing and past customers to review you on your website/blog/social media pages. Trust me, real reviews sound like real and do wonders when it comes to attracting new business your way.
IT service provision is a vast domain. If you're looking for sale advice in your specific niche, please feel free to call me.

After reading through the nature of your business, I believe quality rather than quantity would help you maintain your reputation; so well paid masterpieces done every now and then should do the trick for you. This would give you quality portfolio to showcase to your prospective clients and also eventually give more value to your projects helping you earn more in the process.

Doing less projects that are well paid, you will still have money coming in and yet be left with ample time to think about business growth and development, which wouldn't be the case of you were doing bulk work for less payments.

About the sales part, I believe that celebrity endorsements generally end up taking the focus away from your brand and showering it all onto the celebrity. Its your ad, so your brand is the star. Focus on the content and on getting the message across to your audience, rather than spending your hard earned money on a celebrity endorsement.

Please feel free to call me if you have any other questions.

All the Best!!

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