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You're probably going to hear my answer in one form or another from a couple other people here on Clarity. Working the last couple years in this crazy online marketing business one thing always seems to top the latest shiny object in regards to SEO. Are you ready?

Content and Context.

You have to have the content that people want to see and you have to use that content in the correct context for the online platform you are using.

You still have to have the content that people find helpful or at least fulfills some sort of need for your audience. If you don't have this then why would people help your SEO by sharing your stuff? Make sure your content is worthy of being found by the search engines.

And when it comes to content use the correct content on the platform you are using. This means if you're using YouTube then you better have some great videos. If your on Tumbler and you're not taking advantage of the fact that you can use GIF's you're missing out. Pinterest with horrible photos? Don't bother.

Pay attention to how the platform is displaying content. With Facebook right now you can see them trying to move more toward a visual platform as opposed to text based sharing. With your posts in the past you would just past a link to the page you wanted to share and hit enter. Now, for Facebook, many suggest pasting the link and then when the image preview comes up deleting the link you posted. This leaves a link to the site via a preview image and looks much better and gains more attention when people see it in their news feed.

With SEO you can try to outsmart everyone with the latest schemes to game the system, but content and context always matter. Build your SEO the correct way and then you won't have to worry about the next Google update making your web site disappear.

With a little more detail I could help you out in regards to specific SEO tactics you could use. All you need to is schedule a call so we can chat about your unique situation.
Until then Good Luck!

Hello, I myself do not have much hands on experience with growth hacking , but I can offer some thoughts on the subject.
I'm not quite sure what you're looking for in terms of your question though? Are you looking for ideas or methods for growth using the growth hacker mentality for local brick and mortar businesses? Are you looking to bring these brick and mortar businesses online and increasing their lead captures?

If I were to take a local photography service and try to increase growth in a local area there would be a couple of things I would focus on when it comes to growth hacking.
The first thing I would look at is the actual product that is being offered. Then I would see if I could use the product itself to increase growth for itself. Make sense? What is the product of the photographer? I would think that the product would be the photos produced. So I would then figure out how I could use the photos to increase the photo shoots done with my photography studio. One way to do this may be to offer some sort of deal to people that share the photos on social media and get their friends and family to sign up. If I were the photographer I would tell my customers that if their friends and family like and comment on my Facebook page about their photos I would give their friends and family a free 8x10 photo on their first shoot. If 10 of their friends sign up for a shoot I would then give my original customer some sort of thank you in the form of free prints or something similar that makes sense for the business. Use the product to market itself.

Another thing I would be looking at is the distribution of my product. In the local scene I feel that online directories, live events, local media, and forming business partnerships are critical. If I were a local photographer I would be at as many local events as possible taking photos. I would then place these photos online where they could be viewed and purchased.

I do offer consulting in the area of local marketing and would love to chat with you in more detail about what you are looking to achieve. Schedule a time to talk. I'm sure we can come up with some great actionable ideas that can help with lead generation.

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