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Leader in Professional Services operations, planning, and strategy with over eight years of increasing responsibility in complex global information technology services. Focused on driving business outcomes through data and analysis driven decisions, integrated financial and strategic planning, and operations management. MBA and a people manager with several years of team management and development experience of a global organization. Organization size was over 1,000 consultants with a portfolio of $500M in annual revenue.

Experience includes business and financial performance analysis, analytics reporting and visualization, planning and forecasting of resources, supply chain management, board level decision support and business plan development, services profitability assessments, portfolio maintenance, location strategy transformation, internal audits, executive communication, and training and culture programs.

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I would be great to have a more in depth conversation in this area together. However, for starters I would suggest that you ask questions like:
1) What is your revenue commitment?
2) What resources do you have at your disposal (capital, people, consultants, etc)?
3) How long do you have to achieve the financial goals?
I have assisted in growing a $500M revenue line within a fortune 50 company. We had to run many new initiatives to launch new services as we were considered the incubation arm of the company. I look forward to discussing this topic more with you!

You need to understand the market and your competitors. Then you need to show your differentiated value of why you can up-charge and what your customers will get for that. If you want to brainstorm ideas on your products and services, I am happy to help!

Innovation in my experience is not something a company can practice as a whole it grows more in the culture and in the people that work for the company. The senior leaders of a business can encourage innovation by allowing for more "free" time to explore passions and by creating a safe space to challenge the norm. However, they need to hire people who are curious and creative thinkers to allow for innovation to occur. I have watched several documentaries and researched this. A lot of this stems from how we are raised and our education system where we are limited in any generation with how manny truly innovative thinkers exist. Although companies says that they want to be innovative, they need to hire the right people and build the right environment for people to be innovative towards the business.

I would suggest coming up with a differentiator as well in your services. Are you one of the few accredited dentists in an area who can do Invisalign? or are your dentist specially known or did they study somewhere special that may be a hook for people?

I have found a fear of public speaking or socializing comes out of a concern for the topic. As a founder you are the expert in your business. Showcase that but keeping the discussion focused on your strengths. Also, if you are not the type of person who likes to work a room at conferences start with softer ways of outreach through social media where you can play a character or a role of a charismatic founder without having to do it face to face. This can lead to one on one emails or direct messages, then slowly phone calls, so you can ease into the discussion with a prospective client or partner.

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