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Thomas Reuters published my thoughts on MarCom: My marketing agency, Noble Digital is endorsed by Steve Blank - Eric Reis's guru

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Great question. the good news is you don't have to figure this all out yourself... Just like you dont have to code your own site. Right? (I hope not?)
You're needing a clear value prop and positioning... as well as a market matrix of competitors... just to start!
THEN the real work begins. The case study video at the bottom of this page shows you from start to finish the process in a few minutes:
But I don't recommend you do this yourself.
Hire the right people for the right jobs and your headaches will vanish immediately!
The problem is that videographers DONT know strategy... and strategists DONT execute or make videos.... So the link above will show you how those two worlds combine seamlessly together.

B2B or B2C, at the end of the day.... you're dealing with "P2P" People to People. If your message is relevant within the context, you will get a high rate of response.

Based on our experience, we start by doing research into the demo and where they live. And create highly targeted video campaigns that:
1) Brand your company and what they do
2) Act as drivers back to your site, to create a funnel.

This accomplishes two things. First you build awareness and have people asking for your product by name.
Second, the video message would be highly-relevant as we would have placed contextually, relevant to the things they were reading.

Feel free to reach out for more information.

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