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Social networks have the ability to hyper target people based on keywords, locations, and hashtags. One of the best networks to drive traffic to your site would be twitter. You can see this video I did on 3 tools in particular that is allowing us to get 50 registrations to our own online community:

Additionally, LinkedIn is really good for their search features. You will be able to search based on your criteria, and connect with people. The, through private message campaigns, you will send out messages to these connections introducing them into your concept.

I also recently found out how to send direct messages to members of LinkedIn Groups, and this could be another source of registrations to your site.

Hope this helps!

You may want to purchase a media list to get more chances at press. Services like Meltwater (which is subscription based) allow you to search via keywords and gives you the ability to export the direct email and phone numbers of these individuals. Would be happy to export you a couple of media lists if you are interested at a very reasonable rate.

Additionally, twitter strategies for crowdfunding work very well. This video we did might help you further:

Are you doing email marketing? is a great service to get to the inbox and bypass the promotions folder of gmail. Hope this helps!

Unfortunately without much traction, Accredited investment based crowdfunding does not work well for most startups. However, hope is on the horizon. Just this morning (3/25/15), the Securities and Exchange Commission approved unaccredited investor based crowdfunding which will allow for anyone, regardless of income, to invest in a private company. So instead of having to meet the harsh demands of VC's, now anyone can invest in a startup once the final rules become effective in two months from now. Hope this helps and would be happy to chat further through clarity if this new development is of interest.

Of course my answer to this is Bias as I am a Greek living in the United States but Greece is my choice.

All of the media attention is overblown. Greeks are very resilient people who are proud of their country and heritage. Like the tipping point in the U.S. came right around 2010 - 2011, Greece is about to enter that tipping point likely in a year from now.

I would highly recommend looking into it further and if you need more information, would be happy to have a call with you on Clarity to determine how I may serve as a conduit for you in terms of introductions and language barrier.

Great question and so there is the legal answer and the practical answer.

The legal answer is that unless it is your own property, you must be a licensed agent to receive compensation for acting as a leasing agent if you are doing it as your own business. i.e., if you are calling landlords and telling them you can fill their apartment vacancies and you would receive a fee each time you find a qualified candidate who ends up renting, then you do have to be licensed from the legal perspective. If you are on the payroll of a leasing company however, then you are paid as an hourly employee with commission based compensation.

The practical part of this as you know is that real estate agents & associations only care about Listings, Buyers, and Sellers of Property because that is where the largest commissions are. You will likely be able to be paid under the table for every vacancy you fill in an apartment and no one would ever know. You will want to avoid dealing with any realtors or agents (unless you know them to be cool) and essentially build your business by finding "Supply", i.e., landlords who have a lot of apartments to rent.

Once you have the supply, you then simply list them on Craiglist and your phone will ring off the hook.

Prior to my current business, I ran my own property management and leasing company and rented 85 apartments in a year, so I know this business well and rentals are simply not high up on the list of areas where local associations or government agencies try to crack down on, unless of course people are getting ripped off by people flat out lying about their connection with properties and getting their security deposits stolen.

In other words, if you act with integrity, you can make a good business renting apartments. If you want to schedule a call with me as well, I can give you my business model in a consultation if you want pointed advice.

I have found that AngelList is a great place to potentially find your first round of investment due to the social aspects of the network as a whole. The ability to connect with investors and subsequently message them allows you to network with individuals whom may take an interest in your company and become that first angel investor.

The best ones that I have used are as follows:

O-Desk: This is good for more complex tasks that are still relatively cheap to implement.
Fiverr: These are small jobs that cost $5 bucks per gig. Good to get small stuff done fast.

I hate to say this, but this is how I found a great outsourcing partner in India. I spoke to my friend who recently moved to the U.S. from India and ask them if they wanted to be my "interpreter" to find a good outsourcing partner for additional tasks. They actually knew people doing exactly what I wanted to get done and they were able to connect me to a great small firm in India that has great and ambitious contractors for hire for only $6 per hour.

Sometimes the best way to do it is ask an Indian or Chinese friend :).

There are two websites that come to mind specifically created to match Co-Founders together:


Hope they help you in your search!

Non-profit is incorporated as a 501c(3) and must be approved by the government for the tax advantages to take effect. A social business or perhaps a Benefit Corporation is a new corporate structure available in certain states that allow the for profit corporation to put the "Social Mission" of the company ahead of the "Shareholder Profits".

The business plan or the business model would be the first step. I personally find this website is a great place to start in order to follow the lean launch model: Best of luck!

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