Rafael Salazar II, MHS, OTR/LPresident and CEO of Rehab U Practice Solutions

Rafael Salazar II, MHS, OTR
I fill healthcare organizations & clinics with engaged patients and clients who value the services they provide. Podcast Host -The Better Outcomes Show

Healthcare is about one thing: PEOPLE! Yet how many clinics, organizations, or healthcare professionals live their lives by the numbers? Productivity metrics drive most of our healthcare decision makers and that leaves patients -the people we serve- lost in the mix.

That's probably why nearly 70% of therapy patients never complete their course of care. That costs clinics $100,000s every year!

I started Rehab U Practice Solutions to help clinics and healthcare organization improve patient retention, engagement and experience.

We focus on building clinical knowledge and expertise, improving patient engagement, and developing unique messaging, marketing, and communication strategies to make sure that their patients and customers have a uniquely impactful experience...and to save your clinic money!
Increased patient engagement = Increased Retention = Increased Lifetime Value per Patient
Reach out to Rehab U Practice Solutions to see how we can help your clinic retain more patients and save money!


Check out our podcast! www.betteroutcomes.show

Rehab U Practice Solutions is a leader in patient retention strategy for healthcare organizations. We help clinics and health systems

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improve patient engagement & experience leading to increased revenue & lifetime patient value.
We envision a world where skilled, competent, and caring clinicians serve and care for engaged patients to promote better clinical outcomes, unmatched patient satisfaction, and lasting relationships.
I serve on the Board of Directors for NBCOT & on the Georgia State Board of Occupational Therapy.
Rehab U: Practice Solutions
Principal Owner
October 2017 - Present (4 years 3 months) United States
Rehab U Practice Solutions is a leader in patient retention strategy for healthcare organizations. We help clinics and health systems improve patient engagement & experience leading to increased revenue & lifetime patient value.
We envision a world where skilled, competent, and caring clinicians serve and care for engaged patients to promote better clinical outcomes, unmatched patient satisfaction, and lasting relationships.
Check out our podcast: www.betteroutcomes.show
ProActive Rehabilitation & Wellness CEO & President
September 2020 - Present (1 year 4 months) Augusta, Georgia, United States
Proactive Rehabilitation & Wellness is a leader in physical rehabilitation treatment & musculoskeletal pain management, taking a biopsychosocial approach.
We empower patients to make informed decisions, become drivers of their own healthcare, and to chart a holistic path to healing.
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We envision a world where skilled, competent, and caring clinicians serve and care for engaged patients to promote better clinical outcomes, unmatched patient satisfaction, and lasting relationships.
Check us out: https://pro-activehealth.com
CRA Learning
November 2020 - Present (1 year 2 months)
CRA Learning is an education and resource company for professionals working with adults with Intellectual and Developmental Disabilities.
We are a group of professionals from multiple clinical disciplines and professional walks who have found a common link and passion for serving people with Intellectual/Developmental Disabilities (I/DD). Specifically, we have all worked extensively on multiple projects, assisting and helping to facilitate the transition of individuals out of state institutions and into community living situations.
Our team is made up of various clinical disciplines and administrative professionals. We have all worked closely to support individuals with intellectual and developmental disabilities. We have done this in both a “hands-on” capacity as well as in consulting and advisory roles. As such,
we have amassed considerable knowledge and expertise, and skills and experience in the field of Intellectual/ Developmental Disabilities. Our desire is to share that with others who want to learn more and share that same passion.
Check us out: www.cralearning.com
Augusta University
Assistant Professor
July 2019 - August 2020 (1 year 2 months) Augusta, Georgia Area
I work as a core faculty member at Augusta University's Department of Occupational Therapy.
I teach, participate in research & knowledge generation, and mentor/ advise graduating students pursuing a Masters in Health Science (MHS) in Occupational Therapy.
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CRA Consulting, Inc.
Healthcare Consultant; Integrated Clinical Support Specialist; Community Support Specialist
October 2017 - June 2020 (2 years 9 months)
Augusta, Georgia Area
I worked as a Consultant acting as part of the Integrated Clinical Support Team (ICST) helping the GA DBHDD transition residents from state hospitals to the community. I interface with providers to provide support, clinical resources, & clinical recommendations to ensure the individual is thriving in the community. Through developing strong, working, professional relationships, I am able to assist in putting local providers in contact with local community supportive services to ensure individuals in their care are able to receive necessary services.
-detecting issues related to transition and investigating ways to resolve them -compiling and presenting information orally, visually and in writing
-making recommendations, both clinical & operational
-developing and implementing new procedures or training
-developing framework for clinically supporting the transition of individuals from state-run hospitals
-working to ensure provider stability throughout the state
-developing protocols and procedures for case management
Key Accomplishments:
-I developed standardized provider training manuals
-I worked to develop the standard operating procedure (SOP) and protocol governing case management and closure criteria for the Integrated Clinical Support Services/Team (ICSS/T)
-I worked to develop a standardized home assessment template and protocol that GA DBHDD uses as a pre-transition tool for selecting postnatal homes and identifying necessary modifications and adaptations
-I worked to develop a framework known as the "Community Engagement Framework" to aid in involving and engaging relevant community stakeholders prior to an individual's transition
-I worked to develop an internal marketing communication plan for the Integrated Clinical Support Team to educate internal stakeholders within DBHDD and ancillary services about the role of the ICST
-Strategic planning & performance improvement initiatives
-Developing telehealth procedures & operational guidelines
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Augusta University
Adjunct Factuly Instructor
August 2018 - January 2019 (6 months) Department of Occupational Therapy
I taught the Applied Kinesiology course at the Augusta University School of Health Sciences in the Occupational Therapy Department.
I also mentor a group of graduate OT research students as a content expert, helping them produce a systematic review. This includes academic advising, acting as a subject matter expert, and assisting with clinical question formation, key word development, and literature review.
Maguire Therapy Services, Inc. Occupational Therapist
October 2017 - August 2018 (11 months) Augusta, Georgia Area
I worked as an Occupational Therapist treating patients in an outpatient clinic, focusing on upper extremity orthopedics & hands, physical rehabilitation,
and pain management. I act as a clinical expert, providing oversight and supervision to COTAs as well as ensuring patient progress and recovery. I worked on building the caseload in the shoulder to hand clinic by building relationships with referral sources and developing relationships with potential referral sources.
Department of Veterans Affairs Occupational Therapist
March 2013 - October 2017 (4 years 8 months) Charlie Norwood VA Medical Center Augusta DD
I worked as an Occupational Therapist in the outpatient specialty clinic as lead clinician at Charlie Norwood VA Medial Center in Augusta, GA.
I acted as a rehab therapy liaison to an interdisciplinary team in complex rehab settings, applying advanced OT knowledge, theories, and techniques to include: neuromuscular and motor; cognitive components and cognitive integration; psychosocial components; splint and orthotic management/ fabrication; and assessment of occupational performance areas of ADL activities through standardized and non-standardized tests. As the clinic lead in the outpatient specialty clinic, I provided clinical oversight, supervision, and direction to ensure adequate patient progress and treatment.
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I also managed the Clinical Education Program for the OT department in the Rehab Service Line at the VA in Augusta in order to place OT and COTA students in appropriate clinics to provide beneficial education experiences.
I acted as a leading member of the OT department by serving on the hiring committee for interviewing, ranking, and selecting new staff therapists; and training entry level staff.
Key Accomplishments:
● Successfully managed the Clinical Education Program in the OT Department at Charlie Norwood VA Medical Center.
● Developed the Clinical Education Program in the OT Department to increase affiliation agreements from 2 to 8 Universities. Increasing the average number of OT students from 1 a year to 8 or more Level I and Level II students a year ● Developed Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs) for the transition
to centralized scheduling for the OT department; instructed staff in implementation of SOP and monitored compliance.
● Developed procedures to improve quality performance, and productivity within the occupational therapy department.
● Worked on a team to develop and roll-out relationship-based care initiatives as part of a continuous quality improvement and internal PR/employee engagement strategy
Georgia Regents University
Adjunct Faculty Instructor; Department of Occupational Therapy August 2015 - December 2015 (5 months)
Augusta, Georgia Area
Course: Evidence-Based Practice Fall 2015
Key Accomplishments:
● Successfully developed courseware and curriculum in compliance with ACOTE Standards
● Received above average student evaluations of professor and course performance.
Select Medical Corporation Occupational Therapist
October 2012 - March 2013 (6 months) Augusta, GA
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I worked as sole OT in charge of managing OT caseload between two facilities in the subacute rehab/long-term care settings.
I was in charge of overseeing and supervising 5-6 COTAs between the two facilities, and was responsible for the supervision, administrative management, and direction of the Occupational Therapy program within both the subacute and long term care settings.
I managed the OT caseload to include: screening patients for services, working as a liaison between multiple health disciplines to ensure appropriate services are rendered in a timely fashion. I assigned patients to COTAs, as well as completed interim visits to ensure optimal OT treatments are being provided and that the patients were making appropriate progress.
Medical College of Georgia at Georgia Regents University Master of Health Sciences, Occupational Therapy · (2011 - 2012)
Georgia Regents University
N/A, Kinesiology and Exercise Science · (2007 - 2010)

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There are many digital tools and platforms that allow healthcare facilities and organizations communicate with, monitor, and engage their patients even when they're not in the clinic.

There are programs such as remote patient monitoring, virtual service delivery, and the like.

It's all about patient engagement throughout their POC with the organization.

SNFs have multiple segments and angles that generally require different marketing strategies for each.

Is it a stand-alone SNF or connected to a health system or hospital?

Is the rehab/therapy department in-house or contracted out?

What is the average length of stay for SNF? Is is mainly short-term subacute rehab or long-term care?

All of those questions, and others, will determine the marketing "calendar" that needs to be developed.

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