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Yes. Can you provide more details? Are you looking for a way to gather other feeds and easily publish a curated list of articles, or a place to publish your own content and deliver via an RSS feed?

It depends on quite a few factors:
- How much experience do you have?
- How much available time do you have?
- What do you like doing?

If you can't commit full time to a project during the week because of school, you can focus on one element of a site design, and outsource the rest.

Will you be customizing existing themes or writing new ones completely from scratch? Pricing will vary based on all of these answers, and it's a broad spectrum.

I recommend some of these resources: (he's on Clarity too and you could chat with him)

I also recommend figuring out the ideal rate for the lifestyle you have or want:

Good luck - happy to chat more if you'd like!

An open beta or an initial limited access for 100 users, or something like that? If it's a good game, it'll grow organically from there. Encourage people to share their experiences via Facebook and Twitter.

It doesn't necessarily turn me off as a consumer, though I see through the visual pricing trick in those cases. $1999 is still 2 grand to me.

For pricing my products and services, it depends. I like keeping it simple for me, first and foremost, so my packages are more like $150/hr, $1500, $5000 in order to simplify the running of my business for me.

There are a few instances in another business I have where we price a webinar at $99 because that's pretty standard and easy.

What it comes down to, though, is whether or not you have something of value to offer. If you do, customers will be happy to give you $29 or $30 or $499 or $500. Because you're providing value to them. If you're not, pricing can't help you.

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