Sean MulkeenPerformance Growth Consultant

Experienced executive with 15+ years in the advertising space who thinks globally and acts locally, while identifying the needs of each client, while also contributing to:

• Revenue growth, Performance, Efficiency & Optimization
• C-level strategic planning
• P&L management
• Marketing strategy & brand development
• Business efficiency

Takes an entrepreneurial view of all elements of a business, and not only makes that business work smarter, but also more efficient while growing the bottom line.

Started my first company when I was 24 which lead to founding a few more, which re-affirmed that I always wanted to work for myself. It was also to fuel my other passion which is travel, as that's the only asset you can acquire that never loses value. To date, I've visited over 85 countries and look for new locations on a constant basis to discover new things!

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Crowdfunding for startups is a difficult task if there isn't a tangible product at hand currently. If he kept the funding on a personal level and only involved family and friends, then it could work, but that opens pandora's box of "borrowing" money from people you have a non-business connection to.

Worked with company and customers in almost all of the GCC countries, with UAE and Saudi Arabia being the best markets for both, and growing. Of course certain industries aren't welcome in these markets, but the population and money available there is attractive. Bahrain and Qatar have plenty of money, but not the populations to support new businesses unless it's very niche towards their buying population, which is more ex-pat than not.

Hired plenty with my last company, and on 6 continents. The division was about 35 people but part of a group that was closer to 300, but still worked autonomously within the group. Takes more structure, but you get to take advantage of local markets and local opportunities.

First, get some mobile offers from an affiliate network. Get CPL based deals where the network won't mind the slow steady traffic of residual sales from your blog. Second, use that subscriber list for the same offers, but mind that not all networks allow display AND email traffic to the same creatives for link set.

You are correct, that item would be way too cheap for FB, but consider running a parallel page/product with a price point that is higher to suit the FB crowd and price model? Bundle in 10-20 wipes to bring the price closer to $10, and then you have room to play. FB target is anything under $30, but trust level for products under $10 is quite low from quite a bit of testing.

If engagement is low on your site, not many CPM networks are going to jump all over your traffic, at least not at good rates. That being said, it's about the niche that your site sits in, but if it doesn't, try to curtail that traffic to a niche to demand a better CPM. Those networks nowadays are getting more picky, and don't have the open door policy they once did.

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