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Some major online B2B marketplaces in the US include:

3- Global Sources
4- TradeKey
5- DHgate
6- Wholesale Central
7- EC21
8- Kinnek
9- IndiaMART (also operates in the US market)
10- eBay Business & Industrial section (for certain B2B transactions)

These platforms cater to various industries and sectors, offering a wide range of products and services for B2B transactions.

To sell your idea without producing it, start by protecting it legally. Then, conduct market research to understand its potential. Create a prototype or presentation to make your idea tangible. Identify potential buyers in the industry and network with them. Pitch your idea clearly, tailored to each buyer. Negotiate terms like sale price or royalties, and consider legal assistance. Document all communications and agreements. Once you reach a deal, finalize it with a legally binding contract. Persistence and patience are crucial throughout the process.

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