Carlee WolfePerformance, Change and Culture Coach

As an insightful business partner and consultant, I have been called an inspirational leader who builds world-class teams. I have deep, rich experience accelerating change, transforming cultures and elevating performance to achieve business objectives through learning development in multiple industries.

A passion for organizational development, leadership, change and capability development drives me. My background includes a history of success as a change catalyst redefining enterprise-wide corporate culture to deliver impactful, sustainable results.

Throughout my career, I've defined and delivered strategic leadership development initiatives. This included transforming coaching education for USA Volleyball and playing a key role in the Olympic University leadership development program for top athletes.

I have been called a creative leader who really listens to people, energizing teams and organizations to accelerate change. Many times, I have been honored with invitations to speak on diverse topics including technology in change management. Working closely with C-level leaders, I have driven positive changes on issues and behaviors by aligning divergent viewpoints, and implementing innovative strategies.

I have the demonstrated ability to provide executive coaching and thought leadership at all levels, combining knowledge, and implementation support to HR and business leaders on organizational effectiveness and leadership development solutions.

Strengths: Training & Development ~ Curriculum Development ~ Learning Design ~ Full-Cycle Recruiting ~ International & Global Organizations ~ Sports Industry ~ Reward & Recognition ~ Building High-Impact Teams ~ Human Resources Innovation ~ Business Acumen ~ Corporate Culture ~ Leadership ~ Organizational Development ~ Change Management

Recent Answers

I have worked with several small organizations who are at very similar stages of growth. I would recommend working with a business consultant or strategist who can help you determine your overall go-forward business strategy. Assess where you have opportunities to invest, where to streamline, what the market looks like for each of your businesses, etc. With a full understanding of where you want to go and how you are operating today, you and this consultant can make some very meaningful decisions. Happy to discuss further if you would like to hear more examples or expand on the conversation. All the best!

From a cultural perspective, I can provide a few thoughts

-You can get some of the immediate work done that you mentioned without risking a bad, quick hire
-A consultant might be able to provide you with a current state analysis, helping to determine key factors of your hire (type of work needed, experience, etc.)
-If you trust this consultants options, they can support you during the interview process to check for industry skills/knowledge

-Potential on-boarding and support time of someone who will not be with you in the long-term
-Potential bad culture fit giving your current employees a bad taste for what the role can do for the organization
-Poor optics of investing money in an outside resource in a small organization

I hope this helps a little. Good luck!

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