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Grad Student. Former Product & Pricing Manager - specialist in pricing analytics and value-based pricing. Currently working with a CPG company on a $500MM+ global brand. Ask me about customer segmentation, brand positioning, millennial & Gen Z engagement or digital marketing! Want to help small businesses grow - I chose the lowest hourly rate to remain public with Clarity, but all "income" is going to a non-profit (

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Hi - Lots of great insight below, but wanted to offer another thought. No doubt you created this product because you identified a need in the market for your product/service - it might be helpful to think about how your product creates value at the very lowest level, and for whom. I'm assuming you've already looked at this to get a feel for the size of your market and opportunity, but it might be helpful to revisit. A quick thought on your second point - your example is true, but think about how the finest business schools communicate their value propositions. I haven't seen any ads that say "For a small $150k investment, you'll gain access to our network" - they talk about the value they create in several different ways, a network being just one of them.

Ultimately, if you have a product that's creating value in different ways for different people - that's a great problem. Find a way to talk about how your product has created value for several groups of people, in different ways. This is a very different example, but I was in chemicals before and all our customers used our products differently - one was making solvents, another making coatings and another may have been repacking and selling that same molecule to another customer. Our value proposition was reliability, consistency, customer service, etc - maybe that doesn't apply here, but thought it may be helpful to share that example to encourage you to think about another layer of value you provide to your chain of customers.

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