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In my opinion no one source can give you everything you'll need to make this business plan.

Plus E-Commerce is quite a general topic. Let us know what your business sells specifically if you'd like some really great detailed reports about your market over the past 5 years, and insights for the near future.

That being said, a good business plan should cover all of the concerns of your current business model, as well as a lot of considerations for the future that you'll need to research in different locations around the web.

These were companies that were almost specifically designed to appeal and be sold to other services like Facebook. A need was identified (sharing pictures and videos with friends instantly) and they were simply first to apply the innovative concept and marketed it better than anyone else.

Common ideals are normally the ability to instantly share media, but usually focus on being at the right place at the right time. For example, Instagram was introduced at a point where taking pictures had reached it's peak, but being able to share them via mobile in a 'Twitter-esque' style feed was non-existent. SnapChat banked on the rise of 'FaceTime' style video chats.

Great question, To get traffic from SEO it must be done diligently. And the best way to do that is from a well structured article. The key things to remember that will help your pages rank well:

Keyword Headings
Put your most important keywords here. They must be coherent, simple yet descriptive. If your blog allows you to insert H1 headings into your article, do so. Don't cram too much info into keywords though, Search engines are smart and recognize when someone is spamming. Maybe do a bit of research using 'Google Keyword Tool' In Google Adwords and see if your keywords are popular search terms.

Links and Back links
Include links to relevant info when you can, the more credible sources your website links to, the better appeal it has to search engines. Also include back links. Back links are links to a location somewhere that also features a link going directly back to your site, these also give your article good standing.

Duplicate Content
Try not to say anything twice, and if you do use different terminology. But the main focus here is to always write fresh content. If the content of your article has been written word for word somewhere else first how can yours possibly be more credible? Also write often, the more frequent you post articles, the more frequently your site will be "crawled" by bots. If you do this well your listing can only rise.

Be Unique and have the Best Info
This entails just doing what you do and doing it well. It might be difficult to compete with other websites if the topic your discussing is already covered in great detail.

The best position to be in is one of having information that everyone wants but cannot find anywhere else. A good tip for this is finding a specific niche that suits you well to draw in traffic to your general topic.

Hope this helps you get started. For an in depth look at SEO rankings, take a look at the 'Periodic Table of SEO Success Factors'

As a web designer, online visibility is incredibly important when it comes to branding globally. Depending on your business, a lot of your global business goals can be achieved by setting up an online business.

You should register domains in the countries you'd like to market to, such as the US, NZ, and SIngapore that you mentioned. Also establish a Business Plan and central brand that includes all of these markets.

Try to avoid getting caught in a re-branding process down the road. If your brand needs tweaking in order to achieve scope, do so.

I would start by registering the business in the country you mainly do business in, and provide shipping of products/services to all of your other markets if necessary to get started. Then as you establish a foothold in each territory, look into the benefits of setting up locally.

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