What is the best way to get paid internationally (specifically from the Netherlands)?

I am dealing with my first client within the Netherlands, and have a few thousand dollars invoiced to the company, but am having trouble finding a way that I can avoid transaction fees as high as PayPal's. We already tried to have the company pay my company via PayPal (sending it to my company's PayPal account), but, like I said before, PayPal charged huge fees for the transactions (not in foreign transaction fees, just regular PayPal fees for receiving payments; in the realm of 4%). In the Netherlands, Visa, American Express, and the other like credit/debit cards are virtually nonexistent, so accepting payment via credit/debit card is not an option, and I am running out of options to collect payment without paying huge fees. With payments this big, 3-4% adds up to be a lot, and I know that there has to be a better way to collect the payment for the invoices. We have clients across 3 continents and have never ran into a problem like this before, so it is really "boggling" us. Any ideas or options? Thanks in advance!


International wire transfer is the standard.

Offer them either wire transfer or PayPal + 3%. That way they understand PayPal is you giving them a favor.

Answered 8 years ago

It really depends where you are based. For one offs. Bank Transfer (incl. SWIFT/IBAN/SEPA) is easily most convenient. If you are doing lots of transfers like this then using a service provider that provides local bank payments is your best option. They will provide things like iDEAL options for your clients to pay then settle the payment to you for much lower fees.

Answered 8 years ago

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