I personally don't think SEO is dying it's just evolving. Before SEO was all about back link building but now social sharing takes a huge consideration in it.

Answered 10 years ago

Yes SEO is dying because we are going more social, and Google is going where trends are moving towards. There are 3 main factors which are the main killers of SEO nowadays
1. Mobile
2. Social
3. Technology

But my overall thought is that the ‘search intent’ of human beings can never be lost, so SEO is just evolving. We call it now internet marketing/online marketing for business including also SEO!

Answered 10 years ago

True, however we've come to a point where we no longer call ourselves SEO Experts or Link Building experts as we to get our clients the desired results we need to be good at website artchitecture, understanding social, gamification, analytics, do split test with both design as well as copy and further more focus on just not attracting customers but nurturing them converting them.

Therefore it has got a bit complex but extremely exciting at the same time.

I hope that answers your question :)

Answered 10 years ago

I don't think it's dying, but do agree that it's evolving. One way it's changing is placing more emphasis on content. You need to have good content that ranks in Google in order to generate more search engine traffic. If you only have five pages, you're only going to generate so much traffic, but if you have 100 pages, you're going to generate more. High-quality content is what takes you from less to more and is becoming increasingly important for a complete SEO strategy.

Answered 10 years ago


It's just Beginning!

Google is the #1 destination in the world online. This means they have more traffic than they know what to do with. This also means that SEARCH is the #1 thought process online period. 80% of the Internet's Traffic starts at a Search Engine. These people are all LOOKING for SOMETHING and it's our Job's as an SEO to help them find it.

No matter what Google does they cannot provide all the information people are looking for by themselves !

You have to look deeper into the mind of the SEARCHERS !

I've been at this for 14 years and i'm still learning something new every day. You can't think like every other SEO out there. This update will just help clean our industry of the "Wannabe" SEO's and allow the "REAL" SEO's to shine.

You need to analyze a companies searchers and make sure you take care of them at every step of the way.

Prime example, for a eCommerce site, the user goes through a few phases.

Phase #1 - Research
Phase #2 - Research on a Specific BRAND
Phase #3 - Price Comparison
Phase #4 - Convenience
Phase #5 - Ease of Use / Trust
Phase #6 - Ready to BUY !

If your website is in the users face through every single phase your more than likely going to get that SALE!

This is what the SEO needs to concentrate on. My job as an SEO for my clients is to make sure my client is seen at each one of those phases!

I've SEO'ed for some of the Most Competitive terms in several Niche Markets and have Managed over $100,000,000 in PPC Budgets over the past 14 years.

Don't make any more mistakes, schedule a call with me and use my knowledge to help get your business on the right track !

Answered 9 years ago

SEO is evolving into a website necessity - from the build up - as opposed to an independent marketing strategy. It's become essential, imperative, can't-live-without-it type of tactic as opposed to an independent marketing strategy. The web is so saturated that if you are not thinking about SEO from day 1 of your website build then it will not get the full benefit and you'll have to back pedal. So, no it's not dying, it's growing into something more.

Answered 4 years ago

SEO industry has its own benefits, so I believe it is not dying so soon. Among the notable ones are:
Targeted traffic – The people that SEO connects you with are those that are actively hunting out your products and services. You will never get hotter leads.
Free – You may have heard of Pay Per Click (PPC) advertising on Google. These are the results that sit to the right and the top of the Search Engine Results Page. These businesses have paid for the privilege of being in that position, whereas the organic results down the centre of the page are there purely based on merit and do not pay a penny.
Credibility – Most consumers now understand the difference between the paid for listings and the organic results, and consequently they attach a heightened level of credibility to your website if you rank naturally.
Developing an asset – This is the most important point of all. All the work you put into an organic SEO campaign builds and builds and builds. So where as a PPC campaign could one day be switched off and the business would have nothing more to show for it, SEO does not stop when you stop.
Besides if you do have any questions give me a call:

Answered 2 years ago

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