What courses, books, and other information can I use to teach an employee to be an SEO specialist?

I own a technology services company. We host websites for our customers (as a small part of our larger services) and I'd like to offer our customers an SEO, marketing, and promotion service. Part of what we will do is provide regular blog entries on their sites, and we'll help setup their WordPress sites to be well positioned for SEO. I'd like to get an employee in my office up to speed to be the go the go-to person for the SEO in our office. Where can I point this employee to teach him?


Here are some Blogs & Websites to start off with:

- Hubspot
- Quicksprout
- Moz
- Copyblogger
- Search Engine Land

Also the free course at QuickSprout "Double your Traffic in 30 Days" is a great place to start off and also read the following post on QuickSprout:

Answered 8 years ago

Here's a link to a course that I wholeheartedly promote as it was created by a reputable leader in the Online Marketing Niche. It teaches step-by step SEO and really is all one needs to be a SEO expert. Then only thing left is to perfect the craft but nothing is left out here. I do SEO for a select group of clients and if I need to teach SEO to someone.. this is where they go.

You'll have to enter info to see the course description.

Answered 8 years ago

I believe that ‘Search Engine Optimization All-in-One for Dummies’ by Bruce Clay will be really helpful for teaching your employee/employees. Apart from that, ‘SEO: Search Engine Optimization Bible,’ will help you greatly as well.
Besides if you do have any questions give me a call:

Answered 9 months ago

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