Do you have experience as a marketing consultant to a Skilled Nursing Facility?

I have a client in the Skilled Nursing Facility Industry with multiple locations. Do you have experience consulting this industry? I'm looking for a service provider that might offer a calendar of "marketing activities" that I can share with them rather than doing it myself? No point in reinventing the wheel if someone has put one together. I look forward to your feedback.


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Answered 3 years ago

SNF carry a variety of subset interests - from supplies, staff, insurance, compliances, turnover, costs and fees, not to mention any partnerships (priorities) they might have on a hospital if a patient was to need relocation from SNF to hospital room. What you are wanting to market will have a lot to do with how you market and to whom.
I would be more than happy to create one for you, but not for free.

Answered 8 years ago

SNFs have multiple segments and angles that generally require different marketing strategies for each.

Is it a stand-alone SNF or connected to a health system or hospital?

Is the rehab/therapy department in-house or contracted out?

What is the average length of stay for SNF? Is is mainly short-term subacute rehab or long-term care?

All of those questions, and others, will determine the marketing "calendar" that needs to be developed.

Answered 4 years ago

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