How do I get unstuck and move my career forward?

Presently I'm 37 / M & Live in India ..... I feel ashamed to say still I'm unable to make proper career and earnings. I have done graduation in science ( took additional 3 years to clear the back logs).. It was a IT boom period at those times ( when I was 23 yr) and also I did some IT certification courses at the right time. But due to my extreme shyness, communication problem and social anxiety I was not able go out to city and get a job. I some how wasted another 4 years and finally I got a job at 30 Yr In IT field worked for 5 years changed 3 companies but I was paid very little for my work and effort. I'm struggling with OCD / Pannic attack problem from teenage. And due to extreme stress and bad feelings on salary triggered pannick attack. I resigned the job , it's been 2 years I left the job. Now I'm some what better to take new challenges, But I'm totally confused whether I should get a new job in Company or Start some small business. Please suggest what will be the best decision you will take at my position JOB or Business. Also my mind always floods with too much ideas and due to this I will not be able to arrive at single career. For ex... I like to be music composer, Start film direction, start some small scale industry, Start some retail business, Start photography, Start some video special effects company although I don't have any experience in these fields these are all my extreme urges to pursue these career. I do have experience in IT support which I worked for 5 years. PLZ suggest me what should I do JOB or Business.....Thanks in advance.


I would recommend setting up a profile on elance or and look at doing freelance work.

Pick something specific that you are good at (e.g. Windows PC maintenance or Network Administration) and focus only on that for your profile.

Set your rate low compared to similar people with the same skills as you need to build up references before you can charge more.

Then, contribute to online forums around your area of expertise to build up your profile.

Just some thoughts...

Answered 8 years ago

As a business and personal development coach, I frequently come across this dilemma and trust me, it can be overcome once you simplify things.

I recommend entrepreneurship over a job any day, but it is all about personal preference. It sounds like you have a lot of passion around creating your own path in the world and I highly suggest that you go this route but here is my recommendation:

1. Find a job related to one of the fields you mentioned starting a business in.

2. Gain industry experience while also bringing in an INCOME from that job.

3. Use your income and experience to start your own part-time business on the side.

You don't have to go all-in when starting a business. Start small, and as you grow you can think about leaving your job and focusing solely on your business.

The social anxiety is a very common problem and can be overcome over time as you gain confidence in yourself and focus on personal development.

I can certainly assist you with both if you would like to set up a call sometime. Best of luck!

Answered 8 years ago

In order to get unstuck you need to feed your mind and body with good stuff. Exercise, try to eat as healthy as possible, sleep.... and most importantly listen to some podcasts such as Mixergy, EO Fire, Smart Passive Income etc.
Take some steps every single day.

Answered 8 years ago

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