Where can I find a coach/consultant for the online digital marketplace?

I am starting a website service creating a marketplace for Digital Content Creators(vendors) to sell their products to consumers and for Affiliate Marketers to help promote Vendors products to consumers(similar to Clickbank) Where can I find a coach/consultant for this?


You're in the right place. Clarity is loaded with experts and consultants working in this space.

Do you have specific questions?

I have extensive experience in this field, as well, and would be happy to walk you through some of your questions. Just book a call and let me know when you have some time to talk.

If we don't connect, good luck on your venture! I would be interested in hearing how it goes!

Answered 6 years ago

There are several platforms that support a marketplace for digital content distribution & sales. Bringing together consumers (for the content) and content creators. Example: Fiverr, Themeforest, Envato etc

It is a very interesting and highly evolving space with lots of opportunities to solve problems for both parties

I have had experience building digital platforms and am very familiar with the space. Happy to connect further if you need more guidance


Answered 6 years ago

Hey there, I run Flippa, a marketplace for digital assets (websites, domains, apps). I'm happy to share some of my thoughts.

Answered 6 years ago

You can get a reliable coach at Satori. Satori is reliable because their system is unique relative to others on the market as the platform is a combination of a customer relationship management (CRM) tool + business intelligence tool. Like Satori, Coach Accountable covers the basic administrative tools of running a coaching business, including accepting payments, scheduling sessions, creating detailed, individual coaching plans for clients to be delivered electronically, and sharing documents.
Besides if you do have any questions give me a call:

Answered 9 months ago

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