I was once told that the best way to differentiate yourself in the world of mobile ecommerce P2P apps is strong marketing. Would you agree with that?

Assuming that all other things are created equally among competitors in the tech startup world, what do you think is the best way to differentiate?


If you assume all other things are equal, why market?
Traditional marketing is becoming more and more ineffective. "Strong marketing" is growth hacking. No question about it.

So if what you heard referred to growth hacking, yes I agree. If they meant - spend more in exposure and cross your fingers your copy / content was catchy enough they download and use... Then I wouldn't agree.

Humberto Valle
Hack Marketer, Curious Learner, Entrepreneur.

Answered 6 years ago

In today's mobile app landscape and that too in P2P, there are several players trying to address various use cases. Marketing aside, customers themselves can be great advocates of your product. User experience that delight customers and delivers value will automatically resonate with users. They become your strong advocates. You can the leverage various growth hacking strategies/tools to grow

Answered 6 years ago


Marketing gets our attention, but it doesn't guarantee that we'll like what we see.

For apps, much of the branding is visual. That means a clean but luxurious user interface.

Another crucial way to differentiate yourself is with the brand name itself. That's my focus.

Answered 6 years ago

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