How can I get interviews with professional soccer players in MLS? Or coaches, staff, etc. for a podcast?

Just looking to grow my podcast, we just ask the athletes or coaches to give us their journey story. So nothing too demanding.


Ask them! If you don't have any similar interviews yet, get some done in a niche close to this one. Credibility is important, and if you show you've done some and they listen to just part of one interview, that can be what pushes them over the edge.

Everyone likes to talk about themselves. So don't be afraid to make the connection. I work with a local pro soccer team and it was easy to connect with a senior management team member. From there, the players are all accessible. They're just regular guys, running around and wanting to have a good time. You could find the marketing director and ask who's the best talker of the bunch.

Be sure to let them know they get to use the content as well. The teams are looking for reasons to be in the news. You're giving them one. Something they can share on their Facebook page, or in an email to their fans, that helps their followers feel closer to the team, is valuable. Don't get stuck thinking you're trying to "get" something from them. You're giving something, too.

Answered 8 years ago

Look into the teams and if any of the players take time to get pictures or autographs with their fans. Those are the ones you should look for because in the time that it takes to get a autograph and compliment them on their talent is the time it'd take to get a short interview for your podcast.

Answered 7 years ago

If you want to get get interviews with professional soccer players or coaches, staff, etc. for a podcast keep the following things in mind:
1. Your existing network: If you are just getting started as a podcast host, reaching out to your existing network is a great way to book your first few interviews. Once you have done a few interviews and attracted some listeners to your podcast, the methods listed below will become more viable.

2. Conferences and networking events: I attend seminars, conferences and Meetup groups related to marketing, personal development and entrepreneurship on a regular basis, and nearly half of the guests I've interviewed for my podcast are people that I've met in person at a live event. Tell them you host a podcast about x topic and would love to have them as a guest on your show at some point in the future. Agree on a method of communication and follow up with them after the event.

3. Cold emailing: Most individuals openly display their email address on their website, and in the cases where they do not, you can send them a message using the contact form on their website. Either way, your message is likely to reach their inbox, or the inbox of their personal assistant. Begin your email by introducing yourself as the host of XYZ Podcast. In some cases, it helps to list a few of the people you have already interviewed, especially if the person you are reaching out to knows who those people are. Not everyone will accept your invitation to be a guest on your podcast. I have yet to come across someone who does not have a personal profile or fan page on either of these platforms and check their message regularly. Twitter is also a great platform to connect with potential guests, however since you are limited to 140 characters, your message needs to be brief. A short message such as “I'd love to have you as a guest on my podcast. Move the communication over to email, and then send them a more detailed message.

4. Masterminds & Facebook groups: If you join a mastermind, whether in person or online, you will have the opportunity to connect with many like-minded individuals who may be suitable guests for your show. The cost of a mastermind will usually be in direct proportion to the professional success/calibre of the individuals who are in that mastermind. Both types of groups give you the opportunity to communicate with other people and tell them about your podcast.

5. Podcasts: If you see the same person appearing as a guest on multiple podcasts within a short time frame there is a good chance they are promoting something and booking as many interviews as they can to reach more people with their message.
Besides if you do have any questions give me a call:

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