Does anyone have advice on where or how to hire a business development professional?

We are a creative marketing agency that specializes in explainer videos and marketing animations. At this point, most of our new clients find us through our online advertising, however, they tend to be small to medium size businesses. Ideally we would like to start targeting larger companies, and are considering hiring someone to handle business development. However, we really need someone with existing connections who is willing to work largely on commission. This seems like an impossible combination. So the question is, where can we find someone to help with our business development who has the experience we need, but is also reasonably affordable? Are there other options we are missing? Thanks! Micah



I am usually the "biz dev" guy for many startups and founding teams. I have also hired people in this area. One thing that would be helpful to bring up would be to understand where biz dev guys hangout. Generally, the best places to find individuals are within your ecosystems network. The best biz dev guys/gals I have hired have been people that are tenacious and are willing to make strategic business decisions for the benefit of the company. I know your question is fairly large, so if you would like to chat about it, feel free to reach out!


Answered 8 years ago

Hello Micah,

I would love to speak with you further about this opportunity. My background is in Internet Marketing and Business Development. If I am unable to help with your needs, I work with a leading international consulting firm and I am sure we can find someone suitable to assist with your business development needs.

Regarding your requirements, I am a delegate of both the G20 YEA and World Entrepreneurship Forum and can work on commission after an initial consult call depending on the opportunity.


Answered 8 years ago

Hi. Lead generation through automated content marketing, client development through satisfaction surveys and precision networking using LinkedIn for the larger companies. Happy to help further. Good luck. Mark

Answered 8 years ago

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