What are the best cloud based products for operations compliance, monitoring and reporting?

We have a number of businesses that operate remotely and require a high degree of financial and operational compliance with a strong reporting backend. I have looked into different products including Microsoft dynamics, I-auditor, ZenDocs, etc. Some of our operations require visual compliance (what I liked about I-Auditor), some require strong financial reporting, some do well with ease of use for the employees and Microsoft Dynamics was great because it has the ability to move and are that is out of compliance into the right management staffs plate automatically. At this point we are using dropbox sharing and excel spreadsheets so I have to pull the trigger on something. Open to any recommendations.


Easily the best tool out there is

Not only does it make importing employee databases super simple it provides next gen security to profiles and all cloud sharing and it has a top of the line auditing system. Easily a one stop shop that will change how you manage and monitor.

Answered 8 years ago

May be you have already trid this, if not quickbooks online is a good saas based product. You may find the below useful:

1. QuickBooks:
2. GNU Cash (free):

And ofcourse, on the high end you have SalesForce

Hope this helps.

Thank you,

Answered 8 years ago

You probably should look at specialised solutions out there rather than Odoo and equivalent that provide modules across the spectrum of enterprise operations but are not always as polished as specialised ones.

In the compliance space (including BCP/DRP, ERM, Sustainability, HSE, Environmental, and any possible requirement you could be facing) I can strongly recommend

"Our solutions help companies manage environmental and social performance, ensure compliance, minimize risks and improve profitability by leveraging some of the world’s most advanced technologies." Perfect for multiple remote operations, complex governance, multiple siystems / complex architecture, varying business requirements depending on BU/site, etc.

Hope that helps


P.S.: I do not work for or with them and do not get any commission - just think their product is the most suited for this sort of needs

P.P.S.: give me a shout if you need any help from a business transformation perspective i.e. how to best help with adoption, change management and ensure you get as much out of this system (which is only an enabler, the real questions around governance, reporting, underlying processes etc. need to be sorted out - you can do this in an extremely agile and iterative manner. This is what I specialise in.

Answered 8 years ago

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